Chapter 3 - Finding Taehyung

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Authors Pov

" Guys! Guk's home and he brought snacks!" Jimin cheers to the members as he returns to the living room. Jimin places the bag onto the coffee table and the members make appreciative noises as they take the snacks out and open them. As they are enjoying jeongguk walks through the room seemingly looking for something, Jin and Hobi look at him amused but are too occupied by the snacks to ask.

As the members are talking about their schedule for the next week and what they will do with their days off there is a small boy hiding just outside the room looking in curiously debating if he should interact with them. "Hey hyungs, you guys haven't seen anything... abnormal happening in this room have you? Like small noises?" Jeongguk asks as he steps back into the living room, just as the members are about to reply they all hear a small grumbling noise coming from the living room entrance.

Simultaneously their heads all turn just quick enough to catch the sight of a small patch of dirtied white fluff disappear behind the doorway, before they can question about it Jeongguk is rushing out of the room with a mumbled apology. "Why is Jeongguk acting so weird, should we follow him?" Namjoon asks, "Leave him, it's probably nothing" Yoongi responds.

Jeongguk's Pov

Running out of the room I follow the small sound of shoes lightly padding against the floor down the hallway. "Taehyung!" I whisper yell "Please stop running away, it's Jeonggukie!", after I call out to him I can't hear the footsteps anymore and hope that means he's stopped running and is waiting for me.

As I turn the corner I see him standing there with his soft ears drooped down onto his head and his fluffy tail wrapped around his thigh, looking guilty. "I-I'm sorry" Taehyung says with tears in his eyes "I was just s-so hungry and- and my tummy growled". " It's okay" I sooth as I see how Taehyung will burst into tears any second now " I know your nervous but I think we should introduce you to them" Taehyung makes a small whine of disapproval but I still try to persuade him "If you come meet them we can you some food and a nice warm bath if you want" that seemed to be enough to win him over so I gently take his hand in mine and we slowly make our way to the living room while I reassure him that everything will be okay.

Just as we arrive at the living room doorway I make sure Taehyung can't be seen yet as I get everyone's attention "Hyungs there's something I need to tell you... Please don't get mad".

Authors Pov

All of the members quiet down and focus their attention on Jeongguk after he came into view and said that. "What is it Jeongguk-ah?" Namjoon asks. "Well I.. I- I might have brought home a hybrid..?" Jeongguk responds his voice getting progressively smaller with each word. 

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