Chapter 2- The dorm

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Jungkook POV

As we are walking home I hear a muffled ring coming from my pocket, taking out my phone with my free hand I see messages from my Hyungs.  Sudden realisation hits me and I realise that my hyungs are waiting for me at home and they have no idea Taehyung will be arriving with me. Panic runs through my body a mile a minute. What if they don't like hybrids? We have never talked about them, but Taehyung is cute they will like him. Right?

"Jungkook?" I hear a small voice call, pulling me out of my internal battle. "yes?" I respond. "Your phone made a noise, did someone message you?" he asks. "Yes it was just my Hyung". He suddenly pouts and it takes all of my willpower to not squeal and hug him until he explodes, "You should respond to him" he whines. "Okay" I say because how could I say no to that face.

I look at the screen of my phone and see around 8 messages from my Hyungs. I enter my password and start to read them, majority of the messages asking me if I am safe and when I am coming home. I send a quick reply back saying 'I'm okay' and that 'I am coming home soon and I have a surprise with me', knowing that it will be easier to introduce Taehyung in person. I put my phone away and look back down to Taehyung seeing his big bright eyes look around practically glowing with innocence and curiosity. Looking away I wonder why anyone would treat him so badly, especially to the point where he ran away. Sighing softly I feel the tension release from my shoulders because even if my Hyungs don't like him at first they will definitely fall for the fluffballs cute charms like I did. 

After around 5 more minutes of walking we arrive at the dorm. I reach into my pocket and take out my keys, seeing Taehyungs ears perk up cutely at the jingling sound they make. I unlock the door and softly open it, walking inside with Taehyung and closing the door lightly. I don't see anyone waiting around for me so I am going to try and sneak Taehyung into my room, I will just introduce him tomorrow. We quietly walk towards my room, as we are about to walk past the kitchen I hear someone calling my name close by. I panic and quickly turn around to Taehyung getting him to hide behind me, telling him to stay hidden as best as possible. Turning back around I see Jimin Hyung walking into the room. "Jungkook-ah! What took you so long we were worried!" he exclaims. Before I can reply he continues "Jin Hyung says that you have a surprise, is it in that bag?", I look at my left hand and see the bag I got from the store. "Uhhh yeah.. I got snacks! Here take them!" I say trying to get him to leave, "Thanks Bro!" he replies. I give him the bag and after he leaves I turn back around to Taehyung but as I look behind me I see no one there. I quickly look around trying to find him but he's gone! "Taehyung" I whisper, "Taehyungie, its Jungkookie come out now~" I coo trying to stop him from hiding. I continue to whisper for him for a little while longer but he's definitely not in this room. I don't hear anyone yelling or anything so I assume no one has found him yet either. I start looking around for him in other rooms as well. I pass some of my Hyungs and they look at me suspiciously but thankfully don't ask anything.  

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