Chapter Twenty-Three: Fight

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Chapter Twenty-Three:

     I felt a warm rush spread through me as he said my name, and the tops of my cheeks turned warm. My voice was quiet, barely above a whisper as if anything above that would break him, "Hi." I uttered.

     His smile was infectious and I found myself and Lorenzo smiling like buffoons. I turned back and looked at my beaten up mate. I wasn't used to seeing him like this and it broke my heart. Was this what I looked like when I arrived? My heart ached for him and looking down at his battered body made me want to cry. And I did. Fat tears of anguish rolled down my cheeks and dropped onto my lap.

     He immediately frowned, "Calla, sweetheart why are you crying?" He asked, his hand slipping out of mine to come up and brush what tears had fell away.

     I sniffed and looked at the ceiling trying to hold myself together, he needed me right now, I can't be crying. "I'm sorry. I hate seeing you like this, I-I should've done something more before you got so hurt."

     He chuckled lightly, wincing as his bare chest heaved where dark bruises adorned his tanned, perfect skin. "You did everything you could. You saved my life. That's all that matters." He whispered, tucking my hair behind my ears.

     I grasped his hand and nodded, finally having a good handle on my emotions. I smiled weakly at him and wiped the last of my stray tears away. I heard a sniffle from my right and saw Lorenzo trying in vain not to cry, his eyes everywhere but on Percyus. I put a hand on his in a reassuring manner. This action caused his tears to fall.

     "Renzo, I'm so sorry." Percyus said, moving his hand from mine to grasp his best friends.

     Lorenzo let out a half laugh half sob and gave a lopsided smile, viciously wiping at the tears falling from his eyes. "You should be, you ass."

     "Don't cry, I'm sorry. I was just trying to protect you..." Percyus said, his voice cracking. "I couldn't see you get hurt."

     "I felt so useless. I was supposed to be there, I was supposed to help you. How could you be so stupid?" Lorenzo cried, his word not harsh, his voice barely above a whisper. His tone was heartbroken.

     "I'm so sorry." Percyus said weakly, his face contorted in sadness and regret.

     "Look at you. You're all broken and I couldn't do a damn thing." Lorenzo retorted, his tone falling from its sadness and turning a bit more playful as he grumbled, "Fucking idiot."

     Percyus let out a weak laugh, wiping at his under eye as a tear threatened to fall. "You're right. It was a dick move."

     "I'd punch you, but I don't want to add to the bruises." Lorenzo sniffed and smiled, his eyes rimmed red.

     "He was responded with an eye roll and a middle finger, both in a playful manner.

     We all chuckled quietly, not in the mood to be serious anymore. But my hospital gown slipped down my shoulder, and before I could pull it up, Percyus gasped. "Oh, my Goddess."

     I didn't even need to look down to know what he was staring at. It was the malicious claw marks that raked from my collarbone up to my shoulder and almost around the back of my neck. I wanted to pull the dress back up, but Percyus sat up with a wince and took a closer look. I felt ashamed at how ugly it had looked as we passed a mirror on the way to his room. Butterfly closures had sealed it shut for the most part, though most of it still out in the open.

     I lowered my head and pulled the gown back up, covering the wound. "It's ugly, I know."

     His breath was choked, "I'm so sorry. I should've fought harder, I should've made sure he didn't get a hand on you. I'm so sorry, Calla."

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