Victor Wolf

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A few weeks into the aftermath of the outbreak, Twin survivors Shania and Victor, were attempting to leave the city. The area was completely taken over by Savages and sneaking out wasn't going to be easy. Surprisingly the the twins found themselves in similar situations when they were teenagers, and were completely calm. Using stealth and a blade in each hand, they chopped and sliced through the hordes.
After battling a few Savages, their weapons wore out and were at their breaking point. They hid inside a nearby store that Shania had been going to often. She Stashed a few weapons in the store, including a pair of combat gloves that she made for her brother. She also also had a few small explosives and and some guns as well as a pair of knives, just in case the Savages got too close.
They left the store and quickly attempted to leave the city once again. They soon arrived at a bridge that lead out of the city but were ambushed by a large horde of Savages. They stood strong against the horde and attacked without any hesitation, but sadly came up short, and Shania was gravely injured. Victor takes down the remaining Savages then quickly attempts to help his sister, but there wasn't much he could've done.
She lost a lot of blood and couldn't move here arms or her legs. She told Victor that he needed to keep moving forward. She told him to keep fighting and leave her behind.
One month had pass since Shania had died, and Victor continued to survive. He grew stronger overtime and became more skillful in combat. It wasn't easy for him to to travel without his Sister, but he wasn't alone for long however. Whilst clearing out an area nearby, he met Jones and Sarah, two expert gunmen.
After spending a few days with Victor, they became a better team than they were before. They soon found a hideout which was secured enough to keep the Savages out at nights, and could easily be repaired during the day. However, Savages weren't the only ones they had to deal with. A group of criminals escaped from prison during the outbreak and arrived at their outpost.
The thugs threatened to get hostile if they weren't handed resources and weapons immediately. Victor was pissed off and didn't care that he, Jones and Sarah were outnumbered. The trio confronted the thugs in hand to hand combat.
They stood their ground and punished the criminals for for coming their Outpost.

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