Let's Make A Deal

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Shit with rape ahead!!! You have been warned!!!

    (Y/n)'s pov.

We were walking towards the elevator control room and I felt uncomfortable about the idea of going down into such small space. I soon realized that I was standing in front of the open hatch.

"What the hell are you wanting for!?" Zack said with a voice of annoyance.

"Why don't you go down there?" I asked and took a step back.

"Like hell I would, your just gonna close the damn hatch and leave me to die!" He said and I stare at him with a confused look.

"I need to get the elevator open, why would I lock you in there?? And if I go you can do it to me!" I said and Zack stepped extremely close to me. I felt like my heart would stop any minute. I was scared of him, scared he would touch me like 'that man' did.

"I won't." He said and stared into my eyes. It was almost like he made a promise to me with just his eyes.

"How do I know you're not lying to me?" I asked and he took a hold of my shirt and looked right into my soul, if I even had one. My anxiety and fear grew with his touch and I was on the edge of fainting from fear.

"I hate liars more that anything. I keep my promises, always." He said with so much hate in his voice that I already knew he wasn't lying to me.

"What will you do if I lie to you?" I asked and he let go of my shirt. A feeling of relief came over me as his hand left my shirt go.

"I will kill you." He said and I smiled.

"But you promised me you wouldn't." I said and he seemed annoyed about all this.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you act normal?" He said and I looked away. *What the hell is he even saying? As if monsters like us could be normal!?*

"Can you? Act normal?" I asked and he looked away this time.

"That's what I thought. We are both freaks. Nobody will ever love us, care for us, accept us or even want to look at us. We are monsters" I said and his face showed an emotion I couldn't read. It was mix of regret, confusion and something else.

"That is the truth and we will live with that till we die." I said and walked to the hatch.

"Listen, I won't lie to you or try to manipulate you. But you have to remember not to get so close to me." I said and started to climb down.

"Huh?" I head Zack say, but I didn't anwser him. I was on the ground and suddenly the walls started to close on me. I feel on my knees and started to panic. I saw 'that man' in the corner of my eye and when I looked he was gone.

"Stop it." I said and placed my hand on my ears.


I was about 11 when I was getting ready to go home after a long day of filming. I was in my underwear ready to take a shower. Suddenly the bathroom door open and I saw my manager. He had been hit me for few times and lately he had been telling me thing like 'You are beautiful' 'Your hair is so soft' 'Your body is so well build' 'Can I kiss you (F/n)'. Those things made me extremely uncomfortable and scared.

"Sir Len? Could you leave, I would like some privacy?" I said and he only smiled. He locked the door and took a step closer to me.

"I am sorry (F/n), but that is not possible." He said and took a step closer to me as I took one away from him.

"What?" I asked and soon felf the wall against my back. I look around the small space. There was no way to escape the room.

"You are just so beautiful, your body, your voice and all about it is just wonderful. I want it. I need it." He said and with that he walked to me and took a hold of my hands.

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