A/N And Shit

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So so so so....I have sinned yet again by falling for another crazy bitch. (wtf is wrong with me!?)

Okay, so like many of us here I stumbled upon Angels of death and here we are. I myself played the game and I am unable to keep myself from getting excited about the anime. So I decided to write sum good shit about my hubby Zack, enjoy!!


(Y/n)= In this story, (Y/n) is your murderer/Nickname. Like how Zacks real name is Isaac, but he uses Zack as his real name.
(F/n) (L/n)= This is your real name, first and last.
Age: You will be 19 in this story
Weapon. Iron baseball bat with spikes.
Floor: B7
Personality: Just like everybody else you love to kill. You can manipulate people and you'ra good a lying. You are also a bit of a drama queen. Plus you have that 'Don't fuck with me' attitude.

Warning for blood, violence, language, Rape and other shit not suited for kids or wimps!!!

So that's all I can think if now.

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