Two Dead Eyes

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      (Y/n)'s pov.

We arriwed at floor B7 and right when the elevator door open, I knew who's floor it was.

"Not him. Anybody but him!" I said and Zack turned to look at me.

"Who?" He asked and lifted his scythe on his shoulder. I took a better hold of my baseball bat that I had been carrying all this time.

"That crazy doctor Danny." I said and my spine shivered at the thought of him. Everyone of these damn killers made me feel so uneasy, well except Zack.

"Who?" He asked again and I gave him this look that said 'seriously?'

"He's the 'Let me dig out your peepers'  dude." I said and I could swear a light bulb light in his head.

"Oh that guy!" He said and I just now remember what I came here for.

"Rachel!!?" I shouted and ran off to find her, Zack on my tail. I was running and suddenly a door open and a hand pulled me in. The door closet and I heard somebody breath.

"My sweet (Y/n), have you come see me all the way up here? Did you miss me that much?" The voice asked and I looked around but saw nobody. Then a bright light lit up and I was blinded my it.

"Oh my sweet, sweet (Y/n)." The voice spoke and pushed me on a table. I finally saw and started at the one who pushed me.

"Where is Rachel Danny? Anwser me you piece of shit!" I said and tried to move, but my hands were stuck on the table. 

"Locked in another room. I didn't want her beautiful peepers to see something like this. I mean she is still a child and adult gotta do what they gotta do." He spoke and I tried to escape. I was out of options, I had to stare at his ugly ass face.

"What are you gonna do to? Take my eyes?" I said as if I was doubting him. His eye darken and he smiled.

"I was thinking more on the lines of having F.U.N" He said and I knew exactly what he meant by it. *WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!!? I SHOULD OF JUST KILLED RAY RIGHT WHERE I MET HER!!!!*

"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU ASSHOLE!!" I shouted and kicked my legs as hard as I could and managed to kick in a way that hit him.

"Now now (Y/n), don't be so aggressive. Something could go in your lovely peepers and ruin them." He said and I saw him coming closer to me. He placed his hand on my stomach and moved it upwards. I was shaking and my breathing had stopped. His hand travelled my body, his fingers and nails dug into my skin and thighs. His breath was on my neck and soon he hit me. I let out a breath in pain and he seemed to enjoy it all. All the memories of that man came back to haunt me and I was questioning all about my life. I was living hell all over again.

"Oh sweet (Y/n)! I love it when your eyes are filler with hopelessness." He said and started to open my shirt button by button. He licked my bare stomach and bit my neck. I was unable to move anymore. I was under his control and I couldn't even scream. Suddenly I heard a voice.

"Doctor?" I heard Rachel call out and Danny stopped.

"Oh it seems our beautiful Rachel got out." Danny said and took a hold of my face. He placed kisses on my lips, cheeks and licked my face. I was so shocked and in panic that all I felt was numbness inside me growing.

"We will continue this soon my lovely (Y/n). I'll make you mine and those lovely lovely peepers will be mine forever." He spoke and left the room from the back door. I heard a lock open and the door soon open. I saw a shadow close in and closed my eyes. I heard a sharp noice of metal breaking and open my eyes.

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