Chapter 4

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 This chapter gives insight to Deandra's inner demons; memories of a past experience that still haunt her. 

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Name: Grayham Mark Gordon

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Place of Birth: Australia

Place of Death: 26 Herrald St, Teller Park, Qld, Australia. Detective Deandra's office

Witness': Deandra, unknown man (murderer), possibly Rose

Reason for death: knowing too much information and trying to share it.

Other information: murderer found with a plastic, toy, gun.

The list of information in Grayham's new file went on and on, three pages worth of fine print and mini dot points. It was a file held under secure guard. It was a file of an unsung hero who gave his life to help a case. It was a file of a loving partner. It was a file of a man who had tried to take justice into his own hands.

It was a file that I did not want to see.

"Mummy, what are you looking at?" I turned around to see Chloe staring up at me with big, chocolate brown, inquisitive eyes, her brown hair fell down to just past her shoulders in her own cute attempt at a braid. Her small, pink lips were pulled together in a tight frown.

"I'm looking at a file for work" I explained to her, "It's a very important file" Chloe nodded.

"What is it about, mummy?"

"A very brave man" I answered her, "He risked his own life to help me with a case, he risked his own life to save future victims" I continued. No one had said it out loud since his death, we were all in too much shock. But now I felt like I needed to say it, to protect his honour...and his memory. Chloe nodded again.

"Did he die?" I looked at her large brown eyes again. They were full of so much more maturity then the eyes of a four year old should be able to hold, but that maturity was definitely there; it had always been there, and though she may have nightmares about things as petty as Justing Bieber and One Direction laughing at her, she was able to take on board, understand and cope with, many things that most adults wouldn't be able to.

And that is why I shook my head.

"No, he didn't die, he, he left. His body is now uninhabited, and my decay, but his memory and his spirit will forever live on, whether in this world or the next I don't know, but it will."

Chloe nodded understandingly. She inhabited that skill from me, being able to take in and comprehend things most people would not be able to. Some people may say I was wrong for letting a four year old in on so much stuff, but she's my daughter, and I know her, and I know she can cope.

"Mummy, who is daddy?" The question pulled me up short. Chloe had never inquired about her father before, never mentioned it. I had always believed that she'd just never really noticed. I had always hoped that she'd never ask.

Now I feel like an idiot.

Of course she was going to ask sooner or later, she is too smart not too, and anyway, eventually she'd be going to kindy and then school and then uni and then she'd have her own family! Of course she was going to one day realise that she didn't have a male father figure to look up to. I cursed myself for putting this off so long.

"Um, Chloe, I, er, I" I sighed, "I don't know honey" Her little eyebrows knitted together in confusion.