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Pen Your Pride

Part-1- First Meet after marriage #Edited

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 Hello! people, this is my first ever edited portion of any of my fictions

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 Hello! people, this is my first ever edited portion of any of my fictions. I have changed the portion upside down. LOL. The matter is same but the language is completely changed. When I am improving then I feel my works also require improvement. I just hope you like this part. Please please comment and let me know where did I go wrong and what all you want me to include in the story. You have the chance now. Once I finish editing it, I won't be able to take up your suggestions. Also, I don't want you all to read further parts as it would spoil the fun ;)


"Hello!" he said pulling out his shirt from his wardrobe. It seemed that he was in a hurry.
"Hi, how are you?" he heard her asking.
"I am fine. How are you?" he asked while wearing his trousers.
"I am also fine, Randhir. Actually...I want to tell you something," she said.
"You got a call? Is it?" he guessed.
"Hmmm, they called me five minutes back. I thought I should inform you." She said. He could make out from her tone that she was nervous and uncomfortable for all known reasons to him.
"So?" he asked while knotting his tie.
"They've called me for an interview," she informed.
"When?" he asked while shifting his mobile from his left ear to right.
"Next week..."
"hmmm, and when are you coming here?" he asked while applying butter on the bread.
"Mom wants me to be there ASAP.," she said.
"and you?" he asked.
"Randhir... you know everything. I want to come there but I have my work here. To be with you, I am doing all this. Our parents desperately want us to be together as they know we've hardly spent any time together. You had left for Mumbai the next day of our marriage...I also want to know you, we hardly talk as we both remain busy in our jobs. Don't think like that I don't want to be with you. This marriage is as much new to me as much it is to you," she said.
"I know...I am sorry. It's just that...I am too confused. I'd agreed to marry you in family pressure, frankly! even you know that,"
"Yeah, I know," she replied immediately.
"We didn't even meet much before marriage, again I blame my busy schedule. Honestly, I want to start my new life with you. It's been one month since we are married and we are... you know what I mean," he said.
"Hmmm, aren't you getting late for the office?" she asked.
"I am ready, having breakfast. And you?"
"I am already sitting at my desk," he could feel she was smiling proudly.
"It's nine only, so early?" he asked in amusement.
"Yeah, actually, I want to finish all my work so that I can leave easily." she said.
"How are Mom and Papa? Are you taking care of my Parents?" he chuckled.
"Of course! And honestly Randhir, your parents are amazing. They treat me like my own parents treat me. I am so lucky to have them." She replied.
"I am happy. I wish we could have talked more before this. I guess we are talking like this, for so long, for the first time. Urgh! when I am free then you are busy and when I am free you remain busy. It would be good if you come here, we can spend a lot of time together." he said and pulled a tissue paper from a wooden box kept in the middle of the table and wiped his lips.
"Yes, we can."
"Hmmm... good. Okay! I should go now. Will catch you later. Bye!" he hung up his mobile and left for the office.
A week later...
He picked up his ringing phone and saw her name flashing on the screen. He put the phone on loudspeaker and held the steering wheel again.
"Hello! I am just coming in five minutes." He said.
"I am standing outside the airport waiting for you! Come soon," her tone was a little irritated.
"Yeah, I am coming. I got stuck in the traffic.", he gave an excuse.
"Hmmm, okay bye!" she hung the phone and kept it inside her handbag. She looked around as she didn't have any idea from which direction he would appear. Then her gaze fell on her left hand – her wedding ring, a smile automatically crept on her lips. She was very excited that she would meet him almost the first time after they got married. He had left for Mumbai the next day of their marriage. She had never imagined in her life that she would agree to arranged marriage. Randhir was totally a stranger to her, but she agreed to him.
She clearly remembered how her father emailed her his photo with his Bio-data and she was so adamant not to see it. She kept on making excuses of not seeing it like: no internet connection, the mail wasn't opening, etc. But when her father became serious, she had no option to do what he wanted. She belonged to a typical baniya family where a girl should be married as soon as she attains an appropriate age which depends on family to family. For Sanyukta's family, the appropriate age of getting married was 23-24 years and She was already 24-years-old. Her parents were mad at her. She needed a guy who would respect her, let her pursue her career, understand her and never impose himself on her.
She first saw his photo, indeed, he was charming and good looking. The innocence in his eyes automatically brought a smile on her lips. Then she opened the Bio-data, which told her that his name was Randhir Singh Shekhawat; Age: 25- just a year older than her; he was a Mechanical Engineer in Rubex Technologies Limited (one of the leading MNCs)- which quite impressed her. She estimated his salary which must be around 3 to 4 lakhs a month. No matter how much a woman earns for herself, she indeed wants her husband to earn better – weird but true. She read all other details about him which indeed impressed him. The boy was indeed talented and worth giving a chance. When they had first met before the marriage she had agreed to him immediately as he indeed had impressed her by everything he said. Rest is history...
The nervousness of meeting her husband for the first time was visible on her face. How would he react after seeing her? How would she react after seeing him? What should she say first upon meeting him? Whether she should just say 'Hi' or hug him? Her mind was juggling in such questions. On the other hand, Randhir also was going through the same turmoil. He didn't want to ruin his first impression on her but to his bad luck, he got stuck in the traffic and he had no other way out as he knew that she was waiting for him outside the airport and he was late. She must be fuming in anger he thought. He checked his phone again to see if there is any missed call from Sanyukta, but there was none. Then suddenly his phone rang - it was her, he picked it up.
"Sanyukta, just 5 minutes, I am there."
"10 minutes before you said 5 minutes." She yelled.
"Arey Baba! I am stuck in the traffic just outside the airport. I cannot leave the car and come there. Let the jam clears and I am coming." He replied, sounding irritated.
"Come soon..." she said a bit loudly.
"Yeah! Yeah! just coming."
'Abhi se hi yeh haal hai to aage kya hoga...', Sanyukta thought.
After 10 minutes, she saw him running towards her. He was wearing a peach shirt with a pair of mustard trousers. He was looking good like always. All her anger cooled down. She was looking at him with a smile.
"Sorry sorry sorry, I got late. Got stuck in the traffic. You know Mumbai ka traffic, can't help!" he said holding his chest with his left hand to regain his breath. She could see him panting heavily.
She was looking at him, noticing everything about him: the way he was standing; the way he was looking at her; the way he was panting, the way he was dressed up and carrying himself, which indeed was impressive. She was also expecting him more from him... may be a hug or a handshake or...
"It's okay!" she could only manage to say.
He scowled a bit and then wiped off the sweat budding all over his forehead with his other hand. He bent down without taking his eyes off her. He found her cute.
"Come let's go to the car. It is parked a kilometre away." He said.
"What! You ran one kilometre?" she asked.
"Yes, now come fast. I have to go back to the office also." He informed while walking.
This was another shock, a slight maybe came to her. she wanted him to stay with her, but she couldn't say anything to him.
They reached the car. He opened the back door of the car and kept her bag at the back seat and shut the door. He then opened the front passenger seat door for her. she quickly sat inside and was happy by this gesture of his.
He sat on the driving seat, tied the seat belt and noticed that she was staring at him. He smiled and pouted.
"Sanyukta, you can stare at me later, first, tie your seat belt."
She flushed! She quickly turned her face away from him in embarrassment and tied her seat belt.
On the way, he kept on stealing glances of her but she wasn't looking at him. He realised that she was still embarrassed. He wanted to make her comfortable so tried to talk to her.
"So, how are you? How was the journey- was it smooth?"
She finally looked at him, "yeah, everything went fine and I am also fine. How are you?" she asked.
"I am also good. So, how did you like Mumbai?" he asked.
"Randhir, I have just entered Mumbai," she made a face. He flushed!
"Oh yeah! Stupid question, I suppose!" he said in embarrassment. He really liked the wittiness in her.
"When is interview is scheduled? I got to know from the internal sources that it would be around 9 in the morning." He said stressing on the words 'internal sources'.
"Internal Sources?" she raised her eyebrow.
"Oh come on! You've applied in the company where I work. Our departments are different, you are an MBA and I am an engineer, but still I have sources you see. I know people there." He said proudly.
"Yeah, right! Tomorrow at 9.00 AM." She confirmed.
"See, I knew it."
"Congratulations!" she said with a smile.
"Okay! I'll be ready by 8:30, we will go together." He said.
"Hmmm..." she moved her face towards the window to see the new city.
After a long pause, "Sanyukta..." he called out.
"Haan?" shifting her gaze to him.
"I'll be very happy if you get this job. Then we both will go together to the office. Please try your level best to crack the interview tomorrow." He said with a smile.
"I feel the same. I hope I get it,"
"You will. We are home." He said parking the car in front of their house.

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