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So now, I was living with this woman.. who turned out to be the queen. She was going to "Adopt me" in a sense and make me her "Son" of course I wouldn't be a king but a guard for the future king. I met her son as soon as we got to the castle, he seemed okay sorta chatty but fine for me. He had blonde hair and blue eyes one had a random dot of brown in it, he showed me around. I was still a bit scared to be honest but I kept my cool, for the next few years I grew along side the boy I had a human lifespan just like him even though I was of course a cat I guess things worked different in my home universe.
By the time we were both teenagers I accepted the fact that the queen was my new mother, she treated me as if I was her real son Everything seemed normal until... Emily arrived.
It was any other day of me wandering around the place, I was given a chicken leg which I happily carried around, I walked to the throne room to see a girl, she had cat ears and a tail.. with long gray hair and what seemed like beautiful deep blue eyes. I was taken away at how beautiful this ca- Creature was. I asked the queen who she was and for the first time.. the queen yelled at me and told me to be quiet. I was shocked she never yelled at me like that never!. I remember myself standing aside as the queen led Emily down into the Hall. I didn't see the girl for awhile after that, when I asked the queen and she just ignored me, the prince seemed to have no idea. I felt every bone in my body ache, why did I feel so scared? Why did I wanna know what happened to the girl?.

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