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I was only a boy, young and niave. I lived in a werid place, a township inside of a kingdom. I was born in a tent, I know werid right?. My master fed us meat soup, it was okay but still it's food so I wouldn't waste a thing. Me and my siblings always fought over things as my mother Aurora sat and watched. Sadly me and my mom never shared what you would call a "bond" she thought of her kittens as objects to get her and the master money. Aurora always stood up on two legs and pampered herself as if she was human, I learned English quickly and picked up on it at a young age. All of my siblings were worth something, and my mother saw their was something wrong with me... I had a constant twitch in my legs and tail, I was always twitching it didn't do anything bad it didn't do anything to how it looked or walked I just twitched. She thought it means she wouldn't get as much out of me as she needed, I felt a little... Hurt.. more hurt then I normally felt.. I would just shake the feeling off and pretend like her opinion didn't matter. One day she prepped us all up for the "choosing". I didn't know what it meant but she seemed very excited, I tried asking but all I received was a lash to the ear. She lined us all up and waited, until a tall woman walked forward wearing a long ice like dress, she knelt down and reached out, she felt our fur and faces. I kept twitching I couldn't control it, when she came towards me she seemed to soothe me a little, she tried to pick me up as I remember I was very scared. She turned to my master and offered a thousand pounds for me, my mother was in shock and the master accepted almost instantly. I was still scared of course,I remember yelling mom over and over again because I was.. so.. scared.. who would auction off their children...?

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