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The Human Who will Surpass All by JaeZInsane
The Human Who will Surpass Allby Jay Jay
Revamped Version of A Human among the Supernatural
A Simple Man In Love (BOOK II) by B_Zahin27
A Simple Man In Love (BOOK II)by B Zahin
BOOK 2 OF THE POSSESSIVE SERIES One intense look, one sweet smile and one name that rolled of her tongue like water; that was all it took for an unquestionable desire to...
Alternate Realms (A smash up of Ninjago and Monkie Kid!) by Peachynessy
Alternate Realms (A smash up of Ni...by Peachy
ART NOT MINE! CHARACTERS AREN'T MINE! The ninja from ninjago were doing there ordinary patrol when a strange bright pink portal flashed into the sky near the Borg Tower...
Hanako x Nene (Oneshots) by Catastrophic_Life
Hanako x Nene (Oneshots)by Karma Rose
Alright folks! are ya ready to step into the world of spirits and apparitions? because once you enter.... you cant leave! this will be fluffy as hell, angsty, and some o...
??? by The_Nocturnal_Raven
???by Noctis Corvus
Fractured timelines in a familiar world. We watch ??? toy with those who just wish to live peacefully. Not everything is as it seems, and many new faces are revealed. Th...
The Last Keyblade Wielder: SMG4 AU (Male Reader Insert) by Supermemeguardian0
The Last Keyblade Wielder: SMG4 AU...by Supermemeguardian0
When Twilight Town becomes consumed by Darkness, one lone soul named Y/N is flung far across the Worlds. He wakes and finds himself in a grassy area with a large castle...
The Universe Rings (A Ringing Purpose) by FrostyHannah
The Universe Rings (A Ringing Purp...by FrostyHannah
Interitus have been destroying universes for thousands of years, defying the Venenarius who seem powerless against them. Due to the Interitus, Kenneth Jace Davis is over...
Abnormal world that revolves around A.F.N.F by MCMIKEYTHENAME
Abnormal world that revolves aroun...by Creative shit man
Every universe has events that must always be followed no matter what happens, and are to never be broken..., Unless there were Anomalies and there are a few of them... ...
The journey between two universes  ( trunks x reader) by Mel0597
The journey between two universes...by Mel97
The story is about an 18-year-old girl name ( Y/N) who did not know that she has powers that can control the 4 elements, fire, water, Earth and wind plus she does not k...
Midnight Memories  by CallmeCristine
Midnight Memories by I'm Frustrated
• An Eremika Vampire Au The moon turns Vermilion The horror and nightmares Keeps her awake. The visions made her sink. It continu...
United Apocalypse (CountryHumans) by TuanNguyenAnh312661
United Apocalypse (CountryHumans)by Tuan Nguyen Anh
25th of April 4021 the world has plunged into a water Apocalyptic world with only 1 spaceship remains. However with damaged and including some parts of the world were l...
World of Wars: Book 1: Beginnings by JackLikesToWrite
World of Wars: Book 1: Beginningsby Jack Winter
Realm 5, is one of the fifteen multiverses, and it has been at constant conflict since it's dawn over ten million years ago. From rule at the hands of the tyrant Colossu...
Let The Death Guide Us by Imajustship
Let The Death Guide Usby thesweetandweirdshiper
How would you feel when your death started whole new worlds? How would you feel as 'the chosen' one? Would you use it? Would stay the chosen one and fulfil 'your quests'...
Changes by GracieGrace8000
Changesby GracieGrace8000
The secret is out! Y/N Y/L/N tries to piece back together her life by renewing relationships and starting new ones. See how she gets by with a little help from her frien...
On Love: Victuri Oneshot Collection by otakugirl1228
On Love: Victuri Oneshot Collectionby otakugirl1228
Hello everyone! My most recent obsession is with Yuri!!!! On Ice, and well I couldn't help but want to write one shots for Victor and Yuri, because oh my god the ship is...
The Universes, The Conflicts, and the Demons that Follow by Beta_101
The Universes, The Conflicts, and...by Beta_101
(Based on TheFamousFilms FNAF 6 Roleplay) Bryan and his friends love to go into the portal to play minigames. They love to go explore new dimensions and meet new friends...
Danmachi Reacts: The Last Argonaut by BellsTwilight
Danmachi Reacts: The Last Argonautby Nelson Gonzalez
Two Beings transported the people of Danmachi to a white void of space and time, for their entertainment. Bringing the dead back to life, and giving others a second chan...
My List/Description on Gravity Falls AUs by Chickenleg9999
My List/Description on Gravity Fal...by Dr.RandomBear
Ok so I was kind of inspired to do this by DestinyDragon12 so ya! This is basically a list of Gravity Falls AUs. Its also my First WattPad Book So hope you like :3
One Insane Tournament! *Book 3* [HIATUS] by _NightHowls
One Insane Tournament! *Book 3* [H...by _NightHowls
Truth and lies. Potions and spells by IncoyLein
Truth and lies. Potions and spellsby IncoyLein
𝙏𝙧𝙪𝙩𝙝 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙡𝙞𝙚𝙨. 𝙋𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙨𝙥𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙨. In which The Silver, golden trio, dark lord, light leader, potion master, malfoy family, and Ginny get te...