“Alpha Mine”

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Chapter 11—Part 1

Jared straddled his bike and slammed the helmet over his head. He was beyond being pissed off right now. His daughter was missing and he had this gut wrenching feeling that her disappearance also had something to do with whatever the hell happened the night before.

“Damn it!” he cursed out loud, banging his fist up against the handlebar. It’s not supposed to be like this. This isn’t what he wanted for his little girl. All he wanted was for her to be accepted, not to be the mate of the Alpha. Hell, she was timid and sweet. There was no way that she could help lead a Pack of their size. The original females would challenge and ultimately kill her in the end.

Jared angrily jammed his finger on the choke and pulled back on the throttle. No wonder Dava had been so upset last night. He could just imagine the reaction that she received from the other female’s that had their hearts set on the Alpha’s son for a mate when Adam made his declaration. She was probably scared out of her mind and didn’t know what to do about it. And now what made it all worse, she was out there somewhere. His baby girl was out there and she was totally alone.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed as he remembered what he had heard when he was listening in on the early morning Enforcers report. Toby had reported that on his rounds he had picked up two distinct strange scents on the Northern border of the territory. That could only mean one thing. Rogues were nearby.

There was no question now. He had to find her. He didn’t know what he would do if something was to happen to his Dava. Not wanting to waste any more time, Jared booted up the kick stand and put the bike into gear, spinning backwards out of the drive. Once they find her if even one stray hair was out of place on her head Jared vowed that there would be some serious hell to pay. He would make damn sure of it.


Adam pulled up in front of the school, his wolf just scant inches from tearing free. Not being able to sense his mate was sorely testing the limits of what was left of his control. He had yet to claim his mate and that made the situation direr by the second.

He had to get to her; he needed to see her, to touch her… to taste her or else he was going to seriously lose himself to his wolf. What happened after that would be disastrous to say the least.

Thankfully, Logan was already standing outside waiting for him. He jogged down the steps and before Adam was able to bring his car to a complete stop, Logan was already opening the door. “Anything yet?”

He slammed the door behind him and Adam was already pulling back out of the parking lot. “No! Not a thing and it’s driving me insane.” His grip tightened on the wheel. “I don’t understand. I know that she felt something. Why is she running from me?”

Logan sighed. “You haven’t been around man. Dava isn’t like the other females around here. She had it rough when she was young, especially during puberty. She couldn’t control her wolf for a while and the Alpha decided that he would stay out of it. Aiden left the pack because of it.”

Adam stopped at the red light. “Remind me, whose Aiden?”

“Aiden is Jared’s brother. Dava was about thirteen and most of the females use the Alpha to go through their first full shift. The Alpha was out of town and when Jared and Aiden called him to come back, he refused. For three days Dava was miserable and Aiden left, determined to bring the Alpha back. From what I heard, there was a big knock-down, drag-out fight. Your mom called in Alpha Morris from Summerville and he came up and helped her through the shift. The Alpha came home two days later and Aiden never returned to the Pack. I’ve seen him around Jared’s house at Christmas but that’s it.”

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