“Alpha Mine”

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Chapter 11, Part 2

Rafe struggled with himself as he sat there on the edge of the embankment feeling like his heart had just been ripped out his chest. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. No, he didn’t want to believe what he was seeing.

None of this was fair- not to Dava, not to Adam and not to himself.

So why? Why was all of this happening? It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Rafe had a plan, a good plan that would have benefited everyone.  So why was everything going so terribly wrong?

Was the Moon Goddess punishing him because he turned away her gift to him? Was she admonishing him because he refused the mate that she had chosen for him?

Rafe dropped his chin to his chest and stared numbly down at the crumpled wreckage. His throat felt tight and his stomach churned around and around at what he was seeing. Bile slowly built up in the back of his throat and it took everything he had to prevent himself from spewing his guts all over the side of the road.

There wasn’t much left of the small blue Toyota Corolla that Dava usually drove around town. And from where he was standing there was no way in hell that she could have survived that sort of accident. His gut clenched painfully at that thought. He didn’t want to accept that she was gone. If truth be told, he only managed to get through his days knowing that she was near him.  He loved his wife, his chosen mate but Dava held a special place in his heart. 

He may not have spoken with her and he did his best to not touch her but he did watch her. He watched her through the years as she grew into a beautiful young lady and to think that her life had been cut shore because of him… that was nearly unbearable.

A collaboration of strong scents began a brutal assault on Rafe; torturing his wretched soul. The acrid scent of smoke teased his nostrils, embedding it’s signature deep within him. The scent of gasoline burned through his heightened senses, singing what little if anything was left of his good conscious. And blood- oh dear Goddess, the blood, he could smell her sweet blood and it was killing him.

“Why!” he wailed to the heavens. “Why take her? Why!”

Rafe stood there and demanded answers from whatever God or Goddess was listening. He didn't care who answered him, he just needed to know.  He needed to hear it from someone else even though deep down he already knew why. He knew why this had happened. It was because of him. He rejected her, he openly denounced her when his son claimed her and in the end, he was the one that had run her off. He was the reason that his sweet Dava lay at the bottom of the ravine nothing more than a shell of a life.

He had no one to blame but himself. For so long he worked so hard to keep her at arms length. He made himself be content with watching her from afar when he should have been there for her; nurturing her, teaching her and guiding her way. He was not only her mate, he was also her Alpha and this time, he royally screwed up. He let her down and she was the one to pay the price.

“Help!... Help me!”

Rafe’s whole body stiffened. Could it be possible? At first he thought he was dreaming, hearing only the murmurs of a ghost when Dava’s sweet melodic voice reached him on the wind.

“Is… is anyone out there?”

Rafe listened and heard her smother a whimper but he couldn’t seem to get his feet to go in a forward motion.


But when her pain filled screams echoed out over the ravine, Rafe spurred himself into action. He leapt up from his spot and scrambled as fast as his legs would take him down the incline. Please, let her be okay….

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