Chapter 2

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*Ashton's POV*

The 7-Eleven shop was coming into my view and a huge smile came onto my face. I could feel my entire body shaking from excitement and nervousness. I couldn't wait to see Luke.

I've only been going here for a week, but the kid had already caught my eye. He's just so damn attractive. This Luke kid is the reason why I've become gay. Or maybe I've always been gay, but didn't realize it until I laid eyes on him.

The first time I walked into the 7-Eleven I was actually planning on stealing a few bottles of Budweiser, but when I saw him, I couldn't look away from him. I ended up buying myself a bag of skittles along with a bottle of coke. I actually bought something. For the first time in two years I bought something, and it's all because of this kid.

Don't think I'm going to turn away from stealing. I only buy from this store, and that's when Luke's present.

I found out his work schedule after three days of going into the store at the same time. He works the night shift from eleven at night all the way until three in the morning. How did I know this? I may or may not have sat on the curb across the street from the store one day, watching him as I ate a hot dog until he left and was replaced by some older guy in his late thirties. That was the only night that I took a break from stealing, and that reason being the Luke kid.

Hmm, doesn't he have school? He should be sleeping at such a time instead of working at a convenience store... Wait, no he shouldn't. It's summer. There is no school during the summer. Stupid me.

I walked into the store and was very pleased when I saw him at the cash register, helping out a customer who was purchasing a pack of cigarettes. Which reminds me, I think I'm running low on boxes of Marlboro. Better get me some.

When Luke finished helping the customer he glanced up at me and greeted me with a polite, "Hello."

I gave him a small wave and a grin before stuffing my hands into my pockets and walking deeper into the store. Right now my heart was racing and I quickly glanced at him and saw that he was organizing the money in the cash register.

As much as I'd like to steal the money from there, if it's to Luke then there's no way I could do it. There's just something about that boy that makes me like this. I couldn't steal from someone like him.

I walked towards the snacks and found the oreos. I grabbed a bag and then went to the front of the store to purchase it.

I watched as Luke scanned the bag of oreos and the price showed up on the cash register.

"One dollar, please," he said, not giving me a glance.

"Yeah, also can I get two packs of Marlboro?" I asked.

"May I see some ID?" Luke stuck out his hand at me. I fished through my pocket for my wallet and handed him an ID that had a picture of me, but the name and address were fake. Of course I wouldn't give him my real one. The only people who know my real name are my family members and my close friend, Michael, but they don't know about my love for stealing. No one knows about my love for stealing.

Luke looked at the fake ID before handing it back to me. He turned to the back to grab two packs of the cigarettes, and I took this time to stare at his cute little butt.

Once he turned back to me he placed the cigarettes next to the oreos and punched in the cost of the two packs.

"Okay," Luke began, "your total is going to be twelve dollars even."

I pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to him. If you're wondering where I got that twenty from, I didn't steal this one. Some guy left it on a table and I was simply holding onto it until I could return it.

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