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Seulgi's P.O.V

I went to the rooftop, it was already around 8 in the evening. I'm looking for him and I'm sure he's here because this place is where we usually hang out together.

I smiled as I saw him standing there with his hands on his pockets. I approach him and looked at him, he was closing his eyes. He's so cute. I let out a chuckle.

Jimin notice. "What are you doing here?" He said. "Should I be the one asking that?" I replied.

He didn't even looked at me.

"Chim" I said with a sad tone that made him look at me.  "Are you avoing me?" I continued.

"Why would I do that? You know I cant resist you." He held my hand.

"But you just did, you ignored me for a week. Goddamn."

"Then, why aren't you talking to me for the past few days? Is something wrong? Did I do something that made yoy mad or uncomfortable? If I did, then I'm sorry but please, dont let this affect us." I explained. I notice the boredom in his eyes and I asked him already. "Is it because of Mina?"

He looked at me and let go of my hands. "Not everything is about her."

"Then what is it? Can you atleast answer my questions?" I bit my lip, not trying to let the tears flow.

"Actually it's not that a big deal Seul." He said and rolled his eyes. He avoided me for a week and said it's not a big deal? Is he serious?

"Is it hard to tell something that's not a big deal?" I ask him that made him look at me again. This time I'm letting the tears I'm holding in flow.

Jimin's P.O.V

She's crying and it hurts, but what hurts more is that it's because of me. "Is it hard to tell something that's not a big deal?"

I looked at her. "Your just tired. Sleep now hmmm?" I smiled at her. I was about to grab the door knob when she spoke. "Let's break up."

Her words hit me. It fucking hurts and she is so calm saying it. I looked at her again."Great you saved me from saying that."

Her expression says she's shock by my sudden but she didn't show it. "Chim, please. I didn't know that I said that. I had no idea. Please dont, I promise I wont disturbed your personal space again." She said sobbing.

"Let's just do it. This relationship isn't going to last tho." I looked at her with a calm expression.

"How can you say that so calmly?" She looked at me. "Jimin, I can still fight. We can still make this relationship like before, We can still go back from being happy. Just please dont do this."

"Let's stop it right here." I said

She held both of my hands. "Please dont say those."

I removed my hands from in a matter way. "Can't you see were not happy anymore Seul?" She wiped the tears that keeps on flowing from her cheeks. How I wish I could hug her and say "I'm kidding." But I cant.

"It's better if we stop things right now, right here. This relationship wont last long anymore Seul. Let's end it here clearly so that no one ould hurt...this bad."

"Am I just a replacement and a fill up when Mina wasn't here?" She said in a serious tone. I held her hands. "No. I did loved you a lot. I wouldn't court you if I didn't. AndI even broke my promise to not love again but you made it impossible. Trust me, I did love you."

She removed her hands from mine. "Your right let's end it here. You said were not haply anynore that because your interested in this relationship anymore. You know that sometimes it comes to my mind that your cheating on me?" She bit her lip and laugh. "But I doubt that because I know you will never do that. When Mina came back you were not like this and I tought your back with her when you started disappearing. But instead I followed my heart to not believe what's my mind is telling me. Thank you for everything, even if it was just a short period of time, I had fun! And I hope you did too."

"I'm sorry." That's all I can mumble.

She smirks and said. "Dont be." She was about to left and she looked at me again and said. "Who were you when she left you? And who was with you when she left you?" With that she left.

It was her. She was the one with me when Mina left. She would always do silly dance to make me smile. She would wake up 3:00 A.M just to check if I'm ok. She would always call me first even tho she is in practice and she would never hesitate to come and visit me. I was suffering from depression and pain that time for 6 years, and she healed it.

But I let her go. Someone who doesn't deserve to be hurt is now in so much pain. How stupid of me to do that.

That doesn't mean I did that, I want to.

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