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Jimin walked inside the café which someone told him to. As he stepped in, he already felt nervous. Yes, he is going to meet his ex-girlfriend. Mina.

He saw her sitting in a corner with her phone. She notice and smiled at him. She gestured him to sit down in front of her.

"What do you want to drink?" She asked nicely. "Hurry up, what are you gonna tell me?" He said leaning in the chair.

Mina smirks "Getting impatient eh?" Jimin looked at her annoyed. "My girlfriend is waiting for me. We still have to go somewhere." He looked at his watch.

It's already been 6 years since Mina left him and honestly he didn't really moved on yet. He love Seulgi with all his heart and but his mind still keeps looking for Mina.

Mina left him for an unknown reason. He suffered depression and so much pain when the broke up happened. He promised himself to not love again because he knew he will still be rejected and left. But in Seulgi's case, he was inloved with her. Seulgi has been the one qho helped him move on from what's keeping him to not doing so.

"Ah I see, you already found my replacement." She stirs her coffeee.

"Look, if you dont have something good to tell I'm leaving." He was about to stand up and he spoke again. "And ah! Seulgi isn't a replacement."

He was about to stand up and grab his stuff when Mina held his hand. Her eyes were filled with tears and he doesn't like seeing her in this state.

Yes she broke him but that doesn't mean that he will get revenge.

Mina spoke. "Jimin, if you just let me explain everything, I will." She said sobbing. Jimin removed her hand and sat down again. "You have 10 minutes to explain everything."

"I-I left you because I had to Jimin. Remember when you notice that I always came to hospital? Because I'm treating myself. I had cancer and the doctor told me to get a surgery as soon as possible. I left, I went to U.S to had surgery--" She started crying. "--and thank god I survived. I also continued my studies there. As I go through the pain I felt everyday, my Mom was there to support me. Jimin, trust me, there's so time I didn't think of you, I even hesitate to go to U.S and I honestly didn't want to leave you that time. I was broken too. My Mom told me that you will understand and she promised me that I will come back as soon as I had the surgery." Her tears are flowing like river through her cheeks.

Jimin was shock by her confession. "But you didn't came back Mina. For fucking 6 years you didn't comback!" He said whisper-shouted so that no one in the café would hear them.

"I-I continued my studies there so it will be a lot easier for me." She said looking down avoiding his gaze. "Mina, if you should've told me earlier this relationship must've been a lot better. But No, you instead followed your Mom."

"Jim, I was broken too. I'm sorry If I cause you a lot of pain and left you like that." He looked at her. He grabbed her chin to make her face him. "It's ok atleast. It's the past let's not talk about it."

Mina smiled at him. "Jimin, I still want this relationship to work. I dont care if you have a girlfriend. I travelled her back to Korea to tell you the truth and to make this relationship a lot better".

Jimin looked at her shock. How can she say those words straightforwardly? "Mina, I have a girlfriend and I dont want to hurt her."

"You wouldn't hurt her if no one will tell. It's gonna be a secret relationship." She said in a seriously eager tone. She really wants Jimin back but, Jimin have Seulgi now.

He still cant accept the fact that he still love her though.

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