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Irene went inside the practice room and she sigh and relief as she saw Seulgi sitting in the corner. She appproach her and sat next to her.

"It's already been 2 weeks. Still thinking about him?" The eldest asked eybrows meeting together. "Well I can pretend I'm not." She chuckled.

"Spill it." Irene commanded.

Seulgi let out a sigh. " PD Nim told me something." Irene furrowed. "What is it?"

"Well, he told me to go to Japan." Seulgi said. "WHHAAAATT? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO THERE. ALONE?" Irene shouted.

Seulgi covered her mouth. "You never let me finish Unnie."

"Then explain it." Irene requested. "He told me to go to Japan to continue my dancing career there and so I could also not get distracted here. He told me that if I keep doing this things, it wont help me, instead it will pull me down. So he decided that I should go to Japan." She explained

"Wow." That's all Irene can mumble. "That's why you've been in deep toughts. So what's your plan?"

"Well... I'M GOING." She said confidently. "But you'll go there alone. What if something will happened to you?" Irene asked worriedly.

Seulgi laugh. "Unnie, I'm not a kid anymore and I can handle myself plus it's a big opportunity."

Irene tought for a second. "Yeah, great decision. When are you going?"

"After tommorow."

Irene's jaw dropped. That suddenly?!

"What? Why so sudden." She asked. "It wasn't sudden Unnie PD Nim told me this 2 weeks ago. It's just I'm finding for the right time." She laugh.

"Ya! You could've told one of us!" Irene was about to punch her but it didn't hit.

"After tommorow huh? Ok Yeri will pack your clothes, Joy will get your lagguages, Wendy will baked you brownies. Again. And I'm going with you in the Airport." Irene stated proudly that left Seulgi chuckled.

What a best leader she is.


The day of leaving...

Like what Irene stated, it was all prepared and done nicely.

They are all in the airport already saying their goodbyes.

"Unnie! Come back ok? Dont you dare run away and live in Japan." Yeri hugged her tightly.

"Unnie, find me someone handsome in there. I'll be waiting. Take care of yourself I'll miss your corny jokes." Joy hugged her too.

The maknaes are hugging her that she chuckled.

"Bring me something fab from there I'll be happy. Dont get distracted by guys in Japan they suck." Wendsy adviced her.

"Take care of yourself there ok? No one will be there for you. Always call us when you feel alone or something we'll always wait for that." Irene held her hand tightly and smiled.

Seulgi tears up. "Can you guys stop saying that? Your making me not to go. I'll come back ofcourse and noted! All you want will be granted." She laugh.

"Miss Seulgi were late for out flight." The staff said while looking at her watch.

She smiled at them again. They were all crying. They'll miss her and same goes for her.

Seulgi took Irene's hand and said. "Unnie, please look him for me. I'm so far and I may not know about what will happen to him. If he's sad, reach him. If he's lonely, talk to him and if he's crying tell him he shouldn't because he doesn't deserve to cry. Tell him I Love Him even tho he caused me hell. Will you do that Unnie?" She begged and Irene nodded with a smile.

Seulgi turned already walking towards the airplane when she looked at them again. She doesn't want to go. They were mouthing "I'll miss you. " "Goodbye." "Take care."  She did a flying kiss and went inside the airplane.


Inside the airplane...

Seulgi looked at the window beside her and traced a heart using her finger.

"I'll miss you and at the same time I'll forget the pain you caused me. I hope you will never feel the pain I felt." She mumbles to herself.

She is sad and the same time hurt. She's sad because he didn't even reached her or something and she's hurt.. because they ended things without saying 'goodbye' to each other for the last time. And she cant deny that she doesn't miss him nor she doesn't love him anymore. Cause she still do.

So umm guys! That's the ending! I hope you like it💜 thanks for reading it anyways..

-patrisha_mochi ❄🌸

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