Lady Tremaine ELIMINATED

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Wow, she got eliminated surprisingly early. Like really, really early. I was not expecting that...anyway, let us continue onto the Final Sixteen!


The Evil Queen- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

The Queen of Hearts- Alice In Wonderland 

Captain Hook- Peter Pan

Maleficent- Sleeping Beauty 

Cruella DeVille- 101 Dalmatians 

Ursula- The Little Mermaid 

Gaston- Beauty and the Beast 

Jafar- Aladdin 

Scar- The Lion King 

Governor Radcliffe- Pocahontas 

Hades- Hercules 

Yzma- Emperor's New Groove 

Docter Facilier- The Princess and the Frog 

Mother Gothal- Tangled 

Turbo/King Candy- Wreck-It Ralph 

Hans- Frozen 

There we are! The Final Sixteen! Who will be the next to be eliminated and give us the Final Fifteen?? *cough* Captain Hook or Hans *cough*

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