Truth or Dare

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"okay let's play truth or dare!" Veronica smirked

"V I Do-" Betty was cut off

"come on, b. Have some fun." Veronica replied

"come on, babe." reggie whispered to the girl on his lap

"fine, okay." Betty replied in defeat

"okay, I'll start." Veronica said

"...B! Truth or dare?" Veronica asked

"Ummm, Truth?" Betty replied

"Ugh, fine. Is it true you like Reggie?" Veronica asked causing Betty to shift in Reggie's lap

"V, I am dating him" Betty quickly replied

"That, my friend, doesn't mean anything. So, B, I will ask again. Is it true you like Reggie?" Veronica questioned

"Y-yes, Veronica. I do." Betty stuttered, but Reggie noticed she stuttered and lightly pushed her off his lap not wanting to cause a scene.

"Betty your turn." Veronica smiled

"... Archie. Truth or dare?" Betty asked

"Dare!" He yelled

"Okay" Betty wickedly smiled "I dare you to kiss, Veronica" Betty smirked knowing the two liked each other.

"I-I." He stuttered "come on Archibald, it was a dare." Betty smiled

"Okay." and with that said, he was kissing Veronica.

Betty smiled at her accomplishment, but she was still wondering what Archie was gonna do to get her back.

"Okay, my turn." Archie smirked and looked straight at Betty.

"Jughead... Truth or dare?" Archie smirked

"dare...?" Jughead said, but quickly regretted his choice

"I dare you to...." He smirked "Kiss, Betty." He smiled the same way Betty did

When Betty heard that she lost her breath, memories came flooding back.

"Arch-" Jughead started but was cut off

"It is just a dare, right?" Archie asked

"dude, she's my girl." Reggie cut in

 Hearing Reggie say 'my girl' made Betty sick

Jughead tensed when Reggie said that.

"Shove off Reggie, we all know you were only using her anyways, you only needed her for your sick twisted ways." Cheryl said. It bothered Betty that she said that, but was also glad to be out.

"Well, when did this game turn into 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'?" Veronica asked

"I have no idea, but Jughead... your dare." Archie said

Betty was actually excited for him to kiss her, but she didn't want it to be a forced kiss.

"I-I" He stuttered 

"Won't have to." Betty said, everyone looked at her suspiciously

With no warning, Betty kissed Jughead 

Jughead melted into the kiss, it had been so long since he kissed the beautiful blonde. The kiss they shared was amazing, it was full of love and passion, it felt as if they had been kissing for forever, but it was only a few seconds

"Get off, NOW!" Someone yelled throwing Betty a little

"What the hell" She yelled

"You dumb whore" The voice yelled, she looked up to see reggie

"Why, you never even liked me, and I never even li-" she was cut off to a sting on her cheek  

"Don't you EVER lay another hand on her" She heard Jughead shout, when she looked up she saw Jughead beating the crap out of reggie, soon Archie walked over and Betty was surprised to see him join in on beating him.

Betty started to cry. Veronica ran over to her and hugged her.

After they finished, Betty ran over to Jughead and he picked her up and kissed her.

"I am so sorry Betty, I love you." He said and kissed her


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