Party time and one jelouse boy.

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It had been 2 months and Betty and Reggie had been together for those 2 months.

Betty was hanging out with Veronica when Veronica squealed.

"What?!" Betty yelled

"I'm having a party, you are of course invited" she said in excitement

"I don't think that's a good idea, V" betty replied

"Pleaseeeeeee...pleaseeeee" Veronica begged

"Ughhh! Fine!" Betty gave in

"Yess!" Veronica squealed

It was now the party and Betty and Veronica were sitting in the living room.

"Okay, let's begin" Veronica said

They all sat around the room, Betty sat in Reggies lap. It was quiet, that was until the front door swung open.

"Sorry I'm late" Jughead said

"No worries" Veronica smiled

"What's he doing here?" Betty whispered to veronica

"You may be mad at him, B, but he's still our friend" veronica whispered back

When Jughead noticed the love of his life on the one and only Reggie mantles lap his blood started boiling, he hated seeing them.

Jughead sat next to Betty and Reggie.

"Okay let's play truth or dare" veronica smirked...

Sorry it's short, I have a friend over. Should I go for the Watty awards

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