Chapter Eighteen: Submission

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Chapter Eighteen:

     The man's chest heaved up and down with beastly anger, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He spat menacingly.

     A choked cough escaped me and I shifted my gaze to the man sprawled out on the floor behind me, blood pooling beneath him. "Hurting him isn't going to help." I said, my hand pressed against my chest as the pain pulsed through my front.

     "Get out of the fucking way, runt, or I'll do the same to you." His eyes glowed with anger as his hands curled into fists.

     "Better me than him." I whispered, knowing what I said would surely ear me a beating. I was never, ever allowed to talk back, yet here I was.

     He growled loudly and with two hands, grabbed my hair in a tight grip, making me squeak in fear and pain. He pulled me to my feet, hovering a few inches above me. "You should be put in your place, slut." I frantically clawed at his hands, trying to relieve the pain in my scalp.

     "Didn't anybody tell you to never lay a hand on a lady?" A deep voice growled, slicing through my ears.

     I felt a relieved smile pull at the side of my lips; it was Percyus. I hear the man let out a whispered swear and immediately release me. I almost let my knees buckle and crumple to the floor, but I didn't, I didn't want to seem weak. He straightened up and bowed his head, "My apologies, King Percyus."

     Percyus, strided forward from his place in the doorway, making the man swallow nervously. Percyus grabbed my arm gently and pushed me behind him. He was at least a foot tall than the man, knowing full well even just his height was frightening. "You're apologies don't mean shit to me. You hurt her- you hurt anyone; I will fucking kill you. So what if she was an omega, do you think that makes you better than her?"

     "The omega's are weaker so of course I think I'm better, it's common." The man tried to reason, but everyone knew that was a lie. But I wasn't even an omega, I was nothing, but I wasn't ready to correct them.

     "Who do you think makes sure your pups have daycare? Who do you think takes care of the weekly runs to go get us food to eat? Think again next time you think you're better than them, because without them you'd starve." He growled, his hands around the man's collar, dangerously close to his neck.

     The man snapped his mouth shut, his cheeks turning pink. "Fuck you."

     That triggered anger in Percyus, his once green irises turning blood red. He picked up the man by his collar, slamming him to the ground. His fist connected with the man's nose breaking it immediately. I cringed back at the crunch that followed his punch. The man let out a guttural scream as he clutched his nose in pain.

      Percyus growled and pressed his knee into the man's chest. The man groaned and tried to move it, but he couldn't. "Submit." Percyus snapped.

     I let out a gasp. I knew this was serious.  An Alpha making someone submit usually only happens in a fight where he will kill them unless they submit. It means he's holding back and giving mercy instead of killing. It wasn't all fine and dandy afterwards either, the fact that he disrespected Percyus will get him a hefty punishment.

     The man kept struggling, trying to get Percyus's knee off of his chest, wheezing as it limited his air. Getting angry, Percyus pinned the man's arms down, letting out a terrifying roar, "SUBMIT, NOW!"

     I fell to my knees, shaking. I thought I wouldn't be this scared of him anymore, but now that I see what could happen if I screwed up, I was horrified. "Go inside, Calla, now." He said in a low, commanding voice.

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