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Most of what I dream up appears in the books, but with The Dangerous Ones being my first full-length novel, I was a little too wordy by the end of it. With the help of my editor and a few friends, I went through and took out some of the less critical scenes. This is never an easy thing to do. I liked some of the things that were taken out, but there were good reasons to set them aside. Soooo, to celebrate reaching 100k reads, I will be posting some of these scenes over the next few weeks with commentary. 

Once again, thank you all for reading, voting, commenting, adding my books to your library, and even writing reviews on my profile page (wow)! Whether silent or chatty, you are the cheerleaders at this game of ranks and reads! I brought these books to Wattpad as a testing ground, having no idea what people would think of them, and I am truly amazed and humbled by the response they have gotten. 

With much love and appreciation,


Please note: Deleted scenes are private. A little something extra for my followers. 

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