chapter 2

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chapter 2 Ctrl + S. Alt + F4. Alt + F4. Enter.

dear soulmate,

i'm lounging in a mansion filled with vampires. isn't that amazing? it was not written in the apartment ad but maybe it's because it will ruin the magic of having vampire roomies?

they're all hot, in all honesty. specially that guy with glasses. but don't worry! i'll only look at you. you're probably hotter than them, hehe.

tonight is my first day in my new school. i'll be a third-year and will have the same class as some of them. i hate school but night classes seems interesting. wish me luck!



"So... Are you telling me that you're all vampires?" the girl asked the male in glasses which goes by the name Reiji.

In all honesty, that's what she only managed to understand the entire time the violet-haired male was speaking. She was too focused on her conversation with her editor that she forgot the peculiar situation she was currently in.

Reiji raised an eyebrow as a reply to her question.

The girl scratched her head in confusion. "This is way more complicated than I thought." she muttered.

Complicated. She already considered them being vampires as complicated. What else if she learned that she's now technically a livestock to them and that she'll probably die in this mansion?

She then glanced at the fedora hat guy who was staring at her with his fish eyes, his auburn hair softly brushing against them. His stare was so predatory and yet dead at the same time.

Her eyes then went back to meet Reiji's. "An interesting turn of events, I may say." she concluded, standing up from the couch where she sat. "But with what you're saying, you're telling me that I have to pay no rent?"

Reiji was once again conflicted with the question she was asking. Of all questions to ask, why must she ask this?

"We don't need your disgusting currency." the light purple haired male, by the name of Kanato, answered, staring at her eerily as a small smile decorated his face. "Don't lump us together with your kind."

The girl shrugged at this, an internal laugh ringing in her head.

'Yes! Free rent!'

"Then I see no problem." she let out a large grin, her dimples on both sides of her cheeks showing. "Lets get along well!"

The reaction of all the males in the room varied.

Reiji's face remained unreadable as he tried to assess the girl in front of him. Is she stupid or is she crazy?

Kanato only felt the urge to rip the grin off the girl's face. Destroying her enthusiasm will definitely please him to no end. He has time. After all, she's their new plaything. "I can't wait to kill you." he whispered in a demented manner, an eerie smile making its way to his lips.

"I'll be the first to taste her." came the proud voice of Ayato, the owner of piercing grin eyes and demeaning smirk. "Don't blame me if she dies."

"Ayato, Kanato. Are you even listening to what I just said? He told us not to kill the new bride this time." Reiji chastised.

Ayato released a small 'tsch', folding his arms and looking away while his full brother glared at Reiji.

"Let me stay out of this. Don't bother me or else I'll kill you." Subaru, the albino, growled as he step out the room and slam the door behind him.

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