Jealous!Dean x Reader (NS)

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I tapped my fingernails upon the window of the backseat of the impala. Sam raised an eyebrow at me and shrugged.
"How long does it take to pay for gas?!" I say with exasperation, Dean has disappeared into the come&go what seemed like forever ago.
"He's talking to the cashier" Sam smirked "you know how he is"  I rolled my eyes and nodded.
"Yes, yes I do"
"If you're so bored why don't you give me a hand and look up that symbol?" Sam threw a large lore book in my lap, it landed hard with a thud.
"Gotcha." I turned my attention to the book, still peaking up every now and then to check if Dean had exited the store yet. Finally he emerged, a half smirk across his face, a pepperoni stick hanging out the other side. He kissed his fingers and then opened the drivers side door.
"Took long enough" I muttered. Catching his eyes in the rearview mirror. He winked back in response.
"To the bar!" He shouted joyfully, popping a fresh cassette in the player and driving off.
I'm not much of a bar girl, I like to sit and drink with friends but the bar scene is a bit much for me usually. Tonight though, I was feeling frisky, ready to melt into the first tall dark and handsome sucker to buy me a whiskey. I smiled to myself picturing taking some muscular hottie back to the bunker and finally getting my rocks off, it had been a long trip and I was in need of some "r&r".
I looked back to my book and searched again for the symbol Sam asked me to find. Sam was the brains of the operation, always one step ahead of myself and Dean when it came to intellect. Dean was more of the goon type, if you needed someone to smash sculls, Dean was your guy. Whereas I had found my place as the... let's say beauty. When a security guard needed some distracting, there I was. Not to say I couldn't gank a vamp just as well as the boys. My powers of persuasion were just a little more tuned than my male counterparts.
"We're here, nerds" Dean said, nudging Sam's book. "Lets hit it"
I crawled from the backseat of the impala and followed the boys into the bar, noticing with slight embarrassment that I was wearing a slightly smaller version of the flannel that Dean was sporting.
"Great. We look like a fucking commercial couple." I grumbled. Dean took notice of what I was eluding to and chuckled.
"Don't worry about it, you look better in it than I do anyway" he winked and opened the door to the bar. I was slightly taken aback, it wasn't like dean to compare himself to anyone without him being the better of the two. I shrugged it off and joined the boys at the bar, sitting in between them but leaving an empty barstool between myself and Dean, knowing he will soon fill it with whatever bimbo he's picked for the night. I order a whiskey, neat and turned to survey the bar scene. Sam leaned in and whispered in my ear
"Any prospects?" He said, and I grinned
"Not yet, will have to scan properly before coming to a conclusion though" i pushed Sam slightly. Sam and I have a lasting deal that if we find nothing to take home that we will spend the night together, drinking and watching Netflix. There had been one drunken night long ago when Sam and I almost kissed, but Dean interrupted before anything could happen, and the thought always sat in the back of my mind, Sam is gorgeous of course, he might be fun to play with. But he and I are more like buddy's than fuck buddys.
"Hey, Y/N" a gravely voice suddenly appeared beside me, I turned to see Dean had switched into the barstool right next to me, and was leaning in. "What were you girls chatting about?" He raised an eyebrow
"We we're discussing if I had found anyone to fuck yet" I grinned. Dean looked taken aback, his eyebrows furrowed and he almost looked... angry. I raised an eyebrow.
"Got a problem with that?" I inquired. Dean looked away and swallowed hard, pursing his lips together.
"Nah. I don't care". I tilted my head, wanting to ask if he's sure. Instead I shrug and turn my stool back to my whiskey. Dean was always kind of... protective of me. Once, after a couple of shots of Johnny Walker he had asked me if I, given the choice, would pick Sam or him. I remember replying with something nondescript, trying not to make anyone uncomfortable, but I remember thinking 'why is he asking this? Does he want me?' I take a slug of my drink and turn to watch Sam flirting with the bartender. He leans in and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, smirking as he does so. I smile to myself, thinking if I don't find a guy soon I'll be watching Netflix by myself.
"'Scuse me hon." A gruff voice comes from behind me, I see a muscular, tattooed arm reach for the beer sitting beside me. I smile and turn to greet the owner of the arm. The guy had be about Sam's height, covered in tattoos, brown hair, the brightest blue eyes I'd seen on anyone who wasn't Cas.
"Well hello there, handsome"  I said softly, eyeing him up. He grinned and nodded at me.
"Hello yerself." His voice was a mix of Clint Eastwood and Tom waits. He sipped his beer, never taking his eyes off me. I became increasingly aware of Dean shifting in his seat beside me, his eyes narrowed at the guy. I choose to ignore him, figuring he'll move on sooner or later.
"So you live in town?" I ask
"Nah just ... passing' through" he replies, I smile, not a townie, even better.
"So, you here for business or... pleasure?" I say with a smirk, leaning in so the guy gets a good look down my shirt. I hear Dean groan beside me and once again ignore him. His eyes bounce from my eyes to my tits and back again. He smiles and licks his lips.
"Well that all depends... doesn' it." He replies, laying one large, calloused hand on my thigh. Beside me Dean leaps from his stool, he positions himself between me and the guy and faces me.
"Time to go , Y/N" he growls, I roll my eyes and shift my gaze around him, back to the guy.
"What'd you say your name was?" I smirk, but before the guy can answer Dean takes me gruffly by the arm and leads me away, I pull against him but he's much stronger, the muscles in his forearm bulging with anger.
"What's your disfunction?" I yell as Dean leads me out the door, passing Sam who is now attached by the lips to the busty bartender.
"Nothin' it's one to go." He grumbles, leading me to the impala.
"Not so fast, bud." I stop in my tracks "I wanna go Finish my conversation with mr. Hottie mc. body back there" I try to turn away from Dean but his grasp on my arm tightens, and he whips me around to face him. Suddenly we are very close to each other, nearly touching.
"I said it's time to GO!" He yells.
"Fuck you it is. Just cause you couldn't score in there means I have to go untouched? I had that guy about two minutes from fucking me in the bathroom."  My words send Dean into an even bigger rage, he grabs me by the back of my neck and smashes his mouth against mine, his fingers digging into the skin behind my ears. I struggle against him and finally push him away.
"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" I scream. Dean stares me down with dark eyes and moves closer to me, his lips almost touching mine.
"I don't like other guys touching you." He growls.
"Why not? Not like you have any claim over me" I snap defiantly
"Not yet." He snarls, pushing me hard against the impala. "But oh, I've wanted to stake my claim over you for far too long, Y/N. and now I'm going to finally do it." His fingers run all over my body as he talks against my lips, half whispering, his voice is hoarse and low and really sexy.  "Now get in the fuckin car before that Clint Eastwood wannabe comes back and I have to show him who you belong to."

—to be continued—
Sorry this is so long. Let me know if you want me to continue it...

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