Chapter Two

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C2: Reunion

It was only a moment of time before he was able to stare at them.

"Obito, Rin.." He knew he was going to have to see them again, even if he knew, he couldn't stop the shock.

"You're late, teme." Obito insulted with mild surprise on his own face. Normally Kakashi would note it to him obviously even if he knew. The boy before him looked lost, eyes clouded with shock and disbelief.

"Overslept, my bad." He dismissed it quickly, not even attempting to sound apologetic. He took a step forward and raised his hand, placing it on the boy's cheek and rubbing the smooth skin. The last time he's seen Obito, he was withering away. Before that time, the entire half of his body was scarred. Obito seemed to flare, face falling red.

"Get off!" He swats away his hand, the said falling to the side. "You're acting weirder than usual! What's wrong with you?!"

"Well, if that's your way of asking, why would I tell you? Not like I was going to spill anyway." He shot back, and Obito fummed.

Kakashi suddenly chuckled, which caught the boy off guard. How he missed arguing with him, they hadn't done it in what was such a long time in his period. He silently promised to himself that he will keep it like this, so they could never miss it again. He will make sure Obito will not meet the end of their Team 7.

"Kakashi you..!"

The voice snapped him out of his thoughts, everyone was staring at him. He fidgeted.


"You just.." Rin started, unable to finish.

"Chuckled." Obito finished for her in pure astonishment. That cleared once he realized the expression was heavily influenced.

"I was thinking about the future." He countered, unsure where he was going with the excuse.

"The future..?"

"Yeah, when Minato-sensei and Kushina-san get married and have a kid they name after a ramen topping." He answered quickly.

Minato's face seemed to flash into many various shades of red.

"H-hey! How did you know that Kushina and I were dating?!"

That caught Kakashi off-guard. "...I have my ways." He said, his mouth thinning to form a line. "And to confirm, you just said it yourself."

Kakashi frowned. Kushina and Minato didn't start dating until later in his life. Had the timeline altered? Because something was different, things were different. Was the Kanabi Bridge mission ever going to be assigned to them?

Restless, he asked. "Sensei, is there a mission today?"

"N-no." He answered, his face cooling many degrees. His flustered state fleeing, a trace still left behind. "What are you so worried about?"

"Nothing sensei, just, ahm.." He locked eyes with Obito for a split second, wracking his brain for something.

"I kinda forgot.." He admitted quietly. "That.. dream threw me off balance.." He muttered lowly.

Obito seemed skeptical.

"What dream?"

Kakashi flinched, he'd automatically thought he wasn't heard.

He choked, looking at sensei for help. Normally, Kakashi wouldn't ask for help, his pride wouldn't let him. Because being the famous Copy Ninja had it's own pros and cons. And him being an arrogant child who always had a stick up his ass--

He almost banged his head into a tree.

He was totally acting out of character!

No wonder why the team was shocked when he chuckled. He doesn't normally voice his thoughts either.

This may already alter the timeline, he didn't want that! He wanted to stop the early events from happening, like the Uchiha Massacre, he cannot let Danzo get ahold of Itachi. He has to find a way to keep Obito from death, that could possibly stop the Kyuubi attack. He has to keep Minato and Kushina alive.

For Naruto and his mental state's sake.

He knows if he messes that up, he cannot go back, he knows that the simple action alone could shatter him. Failing Naruto would kill him from the inside out, breaking his promise to him before the warp, he wanted to keep his promises intact this final time.

Minato caught the message. "Ah-- Obito, remember what I said yesterday?" The blonde interrupted with a smile-- that reminded Kakashi so much about Naruto. He couldn't wait until the boy was here to help him, he wasn't sure if he could do this all alone.

"What did you say sensei?" Obito asked, attention quickly drawn over. Kakashi let himself let out a quiet brief sigh of relief.

"The mission.."

"Oh! The Kanabi bridge mission in a few days!"

C2 End

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