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Listen to the song as you're reading for a better understanding!

I should've known. It... it was all clear. Why was I so stupid? As I stand here and sob, Zant holding onto me. He whispers how everything will be alright, how I'll be safe. I should've figured it out, but I was too blind to even notice.

Zant wanted to be amazing, he wanted to be the king of our sad realm. I wanted that with him. Together, we'd ensure that his uncle would choose him. It never happened. Instead, Zant's cousin was chosen and he was furious.

I stood at the castle gates, my robes pulled tightly as I beamed. "(Y/n), what are you doing?" Galiah asked, taking my arm. I smiled at the twili woman happily. "The choosing is today." Galiah smiled. "You're waiting for him then? Do you hope for him to be the next king?" I nodded. "Of course I do. I will be helping him rule if that happens." She chuckled softly and bowed to me. "Well, let us hope." Galiah walked away and the castle gate was opened. Zant stormed out angrily, I had reached out for him. Zant pushed my hand off and turned around. "I have been humiliated by my uncle." He snarled. "He does not know right from wrong. This kingdom will fall to pieces because of her ruling." I frowned softly. "Zant, you know your uncle is only deciding for the best." He turned around and grabbed my wrist tightly. "You're on their side too?" He snapped.

Next thing I knew we were sitting down in the castle and suddenly he looked at me through my black hood and said, "(Y/n) would you be my princess if I became the prince?" I declined, of course, because we now had the rightful princess. Zant stood and glared. "You do not see the full potential of the Twilight, (Y/n)! You are a traitor for siding with her! We need to act upon those who have trapped us here!" He screamed. I stood and frowned. "No, we do not." I said firmly. "Zant, we are best friends." I murmured grabbing his hands in his fit of rage. "I know being king has been your life goal," I murmured cupping his face. "And I'm so sad you didn't get it. You must be able to stand in for the princess if anything were to happen. Even if you aren't king, we can still be happy. We will be together forever." Zant took my pendant in hand, closing his fist around it. "Indeed (Y/n).. indeed." Zant leaned into my hand and opened his opaque eyes. "Wouldn't you like to see the green?" I smiled at him softly. "Some dreams aren't meant to come true."

Zant shook his head and held me close. "Your dream is something I want to come true. It's such an easy task to accomplish. I'll make sure to keep you safe as long as I live, I'll make sure your dreams always come true." Zant murmured and kissed my head. "What do you mean?" I whispered, Zant sighed and hugged me tighter. "(Y/n) I shall protect you with my life. Come." He said simply, almost sadly. I could've sworn I heard sadness, but it could've easily been something else. Zant led me to the edge of the twilight, I happily gazed out into Hyrule watching all the people and the sunset.

Just out of my reach was all of that happiness. What I would give to feel that grass beneath my feet, and to touch wood. I smiled softly and shook my head. It'd be a pity to rise my hopes only to crush them as I aged. The twilight and the light realm were so close they could touch, but the light always banished it away. "Zant, do you see?" I asked looking around. "Although we are trapped we live peacefully until twilight does fall and we are allowed to roam free." I murmured looking out happily, turning to Zant and watching his reaction.

His expression was blank as he stared, thoughts consuming his mind. "Zant, what's wrong?" I asked reaching out to his face, Zant looked down and closed his eyes tightly. "I need to protect you (Y/n)." He said and pulled me through the twilight barrier into Hyrule. There we stood, together at the edge of Orodon. A small area of Hyrule that was not commonly known by Hyrule. At the outer edge no one able to see us.

I was enamored by all of the green that surrounded us. Green everywhere, and the smell was so amazing. I got down on my knees and touched the grass. "Zant, isn't it amazing?" I whispered happily. "(Y/n), we don't have much time." To this, the area seemed to get colder. I pulled my black cloak tighter around me, the air much chillier than it was at home. My cloak hung down my body, making me look bigger than I was. "(Y/n), look at me." I turned to Zant smiling softly, my bright (h/c) hair all in Twili braids cascading down my body. "Yes, Zant?" I asked as he held me close. "Forget me, the Twilight and never come back."

"What?" I whispered my eyes widening. "I shall turn you into a hyrulian, you can blend in and be safe (Y/n)," Zant said quickly, looking around wildly. "I'll make sure you have enough money to buy yourself a house and then you can get a job-"
"What? No, no no." I said grabbing onto him. "No, what are you up to?" I snapped. Zant looked at me shaking his head. "(Y/n) I need the throne, and he needs the Triforce."
"Who? Zant who does?" I asked holding onto him, my heart thundering in my throat. "Zant you can't do this, that's my home!" I said before growling. "Stop! Why go through with such foolishness?!" I said, my voice shaking as I began to punch at him, Zant ducked but I caught his nose. Zant, furious, grabbed my hands and rammed me against the castle wall.

"(Y/n) stop!" He snapped as I began to sob. "Zant no, please... don't do this. You're my best friend, don't be stupid!" I begged thrashing against his hold. "I know you worked hard for that crown but she's the rightful ruler! Your uncle chose her!" I exclaimed. Zant sighed softly and turned me around, hugging me tightly. "(Y/n) I know, I'm so sorry. But it's my destiny, and you must accept that." He murmured into my hair. "If you can't forget about me, I'll make you."

"Wait what?" Zant kissed my head and I felt it, a spell. I shook my head and held onto Zant, begging and pleading. "Zant no! Zant, please! Please! You're my best friend!" He looked down at me mournfully. "I know, and that's why I have to protect you (Y/n).. when I am prince I will visit you again.." He said as I slowly began to lose consciousness, my cloak drifting away from me and turning into hyrulian clothing. My aqua skin turning (s/c), eyes shifting from golden to (e/c), hair dulling down to (h/c). I slumped in Zant's arms when I finally lost consciousness and slowly began forgetting. He carried me to an unknown spring and left me on the edge before leaving.

As Zant crossed the bridge he turned back and frowned, his best friend long forgotten. "I will be the best king you will ever witness (Y/n)." He promised. "I'll make it up to you." Zant continued to walk as (Y/n) lay on the edge of the spring. He laid her down tenderly, pushing her hair out of her face. Zant closed his eyes gently and slowly put on his helmet. "(Y/n), although I have removed your memories I know you will know who I am when I take off my helmet. As long as you're my best friend I know you meddle. Please, please, stay alive (Y/n)."

With those words, Zant left with tears in his eyes willing her to forget.

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