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I don't know if we can answer that Mia, only you can" ashley said while hugging me

"You know what, do something fun just to get that thing out of your head" Irene said
Then I got an idea i haven't done it for a while

"I'm going to Mr.kyle and I'll take a mission" I said while grabbing my phone out of my pocket

"Mia no your not"

"Yes I am don't worry I don't kill" I said to Irene


"I know but what if something happens to you?"

"Nothing will happen to me Irene" she then sighs and nods

I then called Mr.kyle


"Hello? Who the fuck is This?"

"Hello Mr.kyle miss me?" I smirked

"Mia?" He ask


"Oh Mia it's been years since you've called what's up?"

"I need a mission"I went straight to the point

"Your stressed? Ahh Mia you know I can make you stress to unstress" he chuckled

Nasty ass man

"Ewww I rather not, just give me the damn mission!" I said

"Haha Mia you never changed, ok you seems so ready"

"I'll meet you after school same place k bye" I hangs up and turned around to see all of my friends including ace looking at me

Oh fuck no are they listening to me the whole fucking time?

"Sup" I said

"Who are you talking to on the phone?" Zack asks

"Its nana" I said

"Nana who?" Zack said

"Its nana yow business" I rolled my eyes and grabs my bag and walks out
Then ace grabs my wrist

"Where are you going?" Ace ask

"To class" I looked at Ace eyes he seems confused I wish I can tell him but no, I only met him a couple weeks ago, and his probably an enemy of the gang I'm working tonight.

"Now let go" I demanded
He seems shocked, and let's go of my hands, I sighs i felt guilty

"Ugh I wish you knew"

"Know what?" He ask
"N-" bell rings

Saved by the bell!!

"I have to go" he nods
And I gesture Irene and ashley to follow for our next class



After Mia leaves I was shocked, about what happen

When she was talking on the phone she was talking about mission

"She's stressed" kane said

"What why?" I ask kane

"There's something bugging her I can see her gesture she's out of focused trying to solve something"
Kane said

"Is she been acting all weird lately?" Kane then asks

"Uhm yeah, this morning when I pulled her from Zack we made eye contact she was holding my neck and I was holding her waist, theres something went on her mind, made her blinked and remove her hold from me I ask if she was ok, she said I'm fine, then she walks out and went to Irene hugging her" I explain to kane

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