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Tessa's POV:

"Ehem ehem!" Dad entered the living room, closing the door behind him.

"Hey Dad, you called us?" I asked.

"Yes, i did. I have a favour from you guys." He started. We all kept quite waiting for him to continue. "You know i've been looking for an assistant? Haven't i?" He asked, while we nodded.

"Yeah, but you did find one, the girl named Caroline." Olivia said.

"Yeah, but she left." Dad said.

Let me tell you a little about our family. We are known as the Cowell's. I have 3 sisters. Olivia, Steph and Peyton. Olivia's the eldest. Kinda bossy at times. She's 24 and is engaged. Then we have Steph, the typical girly girl. Clever, pretty and at times kinda annoying. She's a master mind when it comes to boys. She's the one that i talk to whenever i have a 'boy' problem. She's 21, finding a job. Next is me. I'm the simple kind of Cowell. I'm kind of different from them. I'm not good with boys and I cry on stupid things.I'm 18, and i act like one. And at last we have the sweetheart, Peyton, the youngest of us all. Trust me she's a cutiee. Has pretty blonde hair and blue eyes just like mums. Us three had like our fathers'. Sometimes it was hard to believe that she is our sister. She's 2. And you you must be thinking where our mum is? She died in an accident, 1 year ago, Peyton was only 1. Since then it was just us and Dad.

"So as Caroline left I need another assistant......" Dad trailled off and i knew exactlly what he meant.

"No no no no no no, nooooooo way!" We all protested.

"C'mon one of you has to work with me!" Dad tried to explain I knew he really wanted one of us but we possibaly won't, knowing he's helping One Direction on the tour. Don't get mw wrong, we like them. Their music and all - plus they're hot, like Steph would add. But they're like every where, which pisses us off.

"Pleaseeeeeeee" Dad begged.

"Daaaaaaad! I'm not that responsible!" Steph exclaimed. Dad thought for a while and then moved on to Olivia.

"What? I'm engaged." Olivia said. Then Dads' eyes fell on me. I huffed and looked at Peyton.

"Whaf? I'm only towh, i can't assisht Dadie!" Peyton said. I ruffled her hair and waved her to go out the room. She ran out. I just laughed and so did dad, making my attention go towards him.

"Soooooo" I sighed " These are my vacations and i have taken a gap year, i have no lame excuses, means i'm your girl!" I said to Dad, and just after dad heard me, he hugged me tight.

"Awe, thank you so much sweetie, i love youu!" He said, dumping my head in his chest, making me feel uncomfortable.

"Yeah!" I mumbled in his chest, knowing he won't hear me.


Authors note: Heyyyy,Wazz up? So here's the prologue. I hope you all liked it. Please vote and comment it would mean alot. I will be doing dedications, for the one who's comment i like best, or for the one who asks for. If you need a part in the story, just ask. :) I guess that's all.

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