Chapter 2: Text

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Sunday - 11:57 pm

I couldn't sleep and I was now looking through pictures of NCT dream. They had pretty amazing photos online. I would be lying if I said I didn't take an interest in the boys, they were really fun to hang out with. But, I doubt they'd want to hang out with me again, I'm such a bore after all.

Suddenly I see a notification pop up on the top of my screen when I was looking at Jisung pictures, he's so cute.

I clicked on it to see I didn't have the number in my contacts.

Unknown: hello, are you still up? It's mark

Me: yeah, I couldn't sleep. Johnny gave you my number?

Mark: well I asked for it, I hope you don't mind

Me: I can't do anything anymore, can I?

Mark: tru, but ur not gonna block me?

Me: do u want me to?

Mark: n-no

Me: did you just stutter through text?

Mark: no?

Me: okaaay

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: so why can't you sleep?

Me: idk, it just happens, what abt u? done with practice?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: we're on break

Me: so you still have to practice then?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: sadly

Me: oh wow, how do you survive

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: I ask myself that every day, since I'm in three units after all

Me: three units?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: nct u, nct 127 & nct dream

Me: wait srsly?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: yeah why?

Me: do you even sleep?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: ofc I do

Me: but wait are you the only one in three units?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: currently yeah, the others are either in two units or just one

Me: wow you must be rlly talented

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: ig, i just think im lucky

Me: naah, I doubt it's luck, I heard SM is pretty high standard or smth

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: maybe lol

Me: I have a question tho

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: what ?

Me: ok so obvi u guys have performaces right with all three units?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: yeah

Me: so do you perform with all three of them?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: yeah

Me: with no intervals?

dudewhostuttersthroughtext: well there are a few fillers before each performance, but yeah there was this one time I performed with dream and I had to perform in u next and I had like 14 secs to change clothes

Me: wow, that's amazing

I almost texted 'you're amazing' but decided against it, thinking it was too straightforward.

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