#18. We All Good...Kinda

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Mona walked into her house timidly, not really curious as to why her home was unlocked, cause she knew that both Moozlie and Kat had keys to her home

She found them sitting in her kitchen, drinking on some wine, waiting on her, "Hey" she waved, still a little timid but trying to compose herself

Her heart was racing, but seeing as this was something that she needed to do, she needed to find out about, she tried to calm herself down enough to ask the questions that need to be asked

"Hey" they both said in unison, "It's been a minute since we've -" Kat began, but Mona cut her off by holding her hand up and shaking her head

"I didn't come here for that" she began, "I came here for answers, and expect to get them" she folded her arms, not even bothering to sit on the isle chairs in the kitchen, but rather she stood by the door

Kat looked at Moozlie, who looked at Mona stoic like, "What do wanna know?" Kat asked, knowing that if Moozlie was the one to talk, this would not end well with regards to their friendship

Mona sighed, preparing herself for the kinda shit that might make her see her friends in a different light, "Everything"

There was an eerie silence between the friends, before Moozlie took the bottle of red wine that they were drinking, "This is gonna be a long conversation" she held the glass that she way drinking out of in the her other hand, nudged Kat for her to get Mona a glass, then walked out the kitchen to the lounge

Both Kat and Mona followed behind Zlie, but Mona made sure to keep a short distance between her and them

Once Zlie got to the lounge, she sat on one of the couches and crossed her legs watching Kat and Mona take their seats too, before beginning, "I'm from a family of...assassins, for lack of a better word" she confessed

"My family has worked for the Lega family from as far back as I could think, and bare in mind that I can't think that far as I am still young. But according to my grandmother, my family has worked for the Legae family for about three generations" Mona nodded, listening intently to everything that Zlie was saying

Moozlie looked over at Kat, basically asking for permission to tell her side of the story. With a nod from Kat, Moozlie went further into her story, "I met her when we were ten. My family introduced me to her and her family, so that we could do the task that was given to us" she explained further

Mona's hand began to shake, but she clasped her hands together, and placed them on her lap to stop from shaking

Both Kat and Moozlie noticed it, but pretended as though they didn't, "See" Kat spoke up, "even though Rich didn't agree with your mother marrying your father, he did, however, want to ensure that you stayed safe, hence we were put in your life" she rubbed her hands together

Mona shut her eyes, her heart sinking as the realisation of what her so called “friends” were to her, "Y'all are my bodyguards" It was more of a statement, than a question

"No" Moozlie looked at Kat, scooting forward in her seat, "That's not what we saying. We were put in your life because that's what we were meant to be, but the more we hung out, the more you became our friend" she spoke with her hands, still looking between Kat and Mona

Mona couldn't take what she just heard. It was painful to think that the people that she thought of as friends, were stationed to protect her like she wasn't born to be a gangster as well

"So we were never really friends?" Mona was on the brink of hyperventilating, she tried to stand, but her knees were weak, so she ended up sitting back down

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