The Lost Boys. Chap 01: Flowers for the dead

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Chapter One

Flowers for the Dead

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I really was lost.

           I had been wandering in this old cemetery for about twenty minutes, trying to find my way out, but every time I thought I was getting near the exit, I found myself even further in.

           The deeper I went, the older everything seemed. The statues were more broken and the tombs were mossier and less cared for. Snow slumped over the graves, but the main path was surprisingly clear.

           I was seriously tempted to start shouting for help, like a pathetic child that had got lost from its mommy. I could already feel an embarrassed blush creeping up my cheeks at the mere thought.

           And to think this whole misadventure had actually started with me and my good intentions.

           It began when I suggested to my mother that I could go grocery shopping for her, since she was so busy at our new home, unpacking and getting a head start on her new job.

           She had been offered this new fancy position, with an astronomical salary and a bunch of amazing benefits, at a branch of a renowned law firm. It had resulted in a rushed move to this small town called Esperanza, just a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was all very sudden but the job offer had been so good that she'd had no choice but to accept.

           We'd always struggled with our finances, but now finally we wouldn't have to. Mom was so happy with this surprising turn in her career; and if my mom was happy, I was happy.

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