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Pre-note: Time for some Harley Quinn and Joker vibes

"Well, well, well."

Louis looks up from his nails and plants a large sickening smile on his face. "My dearest, Margret." He stands up from his chair and kisses the woman's cheek. "It's just lovely to see you. My husband and our friend are in the back doing some... business."

Margret's hazel eyes narrow the slightest, but the ever so welcoming expression on her face stays. "Seems to me that right now you're alone."

"I'm never alone." Louis steps back, smoothening his dress over his hips. "But you seem to be, even after what happened last time, hm?"

The woman licks her lips, glancing at the other people around the restaurant. "The two men you came here with are in the back—I'd say you were defenseless right this second," Margret smirks and reaches into her blazer, pulling out a gun and pointing it directly in between Louis' eyes.

She couldn't have been more wrong. In half a second, every single elegantly dressed man and woman abruptly stand from their seats. Each taking their weapons from under the tables or their holsters and aiming it at Margret.

"You really think Harry would let me out of his eyes for a moment without any protection? Even after your stupid little stunt last month?" Louis rolls his eyes, picking at his nail polish and walks circles around Margret. Her smirk is long gone by now, replaced by a look of fear masked by an expression of surprise as her hand trembles.

"I—I'll shoot you."

"My husband loves me dearly, so much that he bought out this restaurant one month after we started dating because it was my favourite." Louis drops one of his hands and reaches right above the slit of his red dress, taking out a small leather packet. "And now, just when you thought I had no guard up, you're the one to look like a fool."

Then he's taking out a needle, squirting out just a bit before swinging his leg and kicking the gun right from Margret's grip. It goes flying and falls to the ground as Margret stumbles backward. She crashes into a table and only has a moment to breathe before Louis is shoving her to a wall and pinning her against it with his heel to her chest. Being a stripper involved flexibility and Louis practically 'had no bones', Harry's words exactly.

"I'm going to have so much fun with you. You will wish you never knew me, Margret Red." Then Louis is jamming the needle into her neck, releasing the drug and carelessly allowing her body to drop to the ground.

"Beautiful!" A voice exclaims from behind, as well as a few claps. "Just gorgeous, Deadly Nightshade."

Louis spins around, his dress twirling around his ankles and does a short curtsy. "I learn from the best."

"I can't take all the credit for your talent of... let's call it 'stalking prey'." Harry walks towards Louis, his red shiny shoes glimmering in the chandelier light. He takes Louis' hand and presses a kiss to the man's knuckles before looking behind himself. "You all did well, but Marcus, you could be a bit faster."

"Yes, sir." The man nods once.

"See? I told you she would show up." Louis crosses his arms. "If there's one thing I know about my step-sister," he pauses and glances at the men lifting her limp body off the floor, "is that she never stops until something is done."

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