Chapter 1

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Liam's POV:

I was out for my money jog, I always liked to jog mid morning before the rush to work. Being a science teacher was new for me, but I enjoyed the role and mingling with the students.

I jogged past an apartment block that was on fire, in the distance a young man was running away, my heart beat was hard and fast. Looking up to the windows above me, I heard a piercing scream of a women, that sent me crazy, I had to save this girl, who ever she was, maybe there were other victims. Already people poured out from the street, how far up was she? I wondered as I came to a holt outside the gathering people. 

"Someone is still in the building" the man beside me screamed.

"Its Danielle" says a lady "she probably slept through the fire alarm"

Above me I hear her scream again.

I tear into the building the smoke ripping at me eyes, and skin. I don't care. Don't use a lift in a fire rings through my mind, I take the stairs, getting quick directions on her unit number, level nine unit number 37. Can it get any worse? 

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