Chapter 2

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Liam's POV:

 It could I realize she could die before I reach her. Gym practice turns out to be of good use as I climb stair case after stair case, slowly climbing upwards. I hear the fire trucks a blaze they wouldn't even be able to reach her if they tried. Its only me, only I can do this, I could save her life.

I am tired, by the time I shove my shoulder against the level 9 door, I run the corridor scanning the numbers. Her voice shakes me as she yells again, screaming, I imagine the flames consuming her, wrapping her in their glow of red hot fire ball. I banish the thoughts, finally 37 comes up on my left, "Let me in" I yell.

There is silence, I have to do this the hard way, I take five paces back, I have to try and rescue her, I must save her, I hear creaking noises, and i wonder if the lower levels are collapsing beneath us.

I run at the door, bursting it open, I can not see anything through the smoke now, my eyes and blinking as they lose focus and regain it.

"Danielle" I yell "Danielle"

I search the kitchen, and bedroom, I smash open the bathroom door, and find her huddled in her tub. I reach down for her, whispering slowly as I go "Danielle, Danielle can you hear me?"

Am I to late?

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