Kalyn-bitch sit the fuck down!

Diggy-*looks at her shocked and also kinda terrified and slowly sits back down*


Shanell-OK so I'm bored so what we gonna do now

LaKayla-ooooo we should do a drive by past Kevins house

Kalyn-I'm down

Rest of Girls-Me Too


Ray-Wait........Kevin Chague

Shanell-The biggest man whore you'll ever meet?


Ray-Thats my dude why yall wanna kill my nigga

Kalyn-Cause while he was goin out wit me he was tryna get with all of us girls in this room and slept wit almost every bitch in our school

Aiyanna-*pulls gun from under the couch and starts to walk toward the door* lets go

LaKayla and Shanell-*grab guns from no where and head to the door*

Diggy-NO!!!! Yall are not goin to jail again

Roc, Ray, Prod, Prince-Again?!?!?!?!

Diggy-Yea again these girls are bad af *mumbles they need a whoopen* they done did 2 drive bys and got caught once, 5 armed roberys not caught they done got banned from Red Lobster, The walmart in Virginia and been expelled multiple times...

Aiyanna-Me and Nell been expelled twice

Lakayla-four times *clocks gun*


Kalyn-LOL i dont stay in schools for no longer than one quarter but i been doing good at our high school i havent faught a teacher yet

Roc, Ray, Prod, Prince- O.O

Kalyn-hey the oldest is the baddest

They continue to stare so the girls aim they gons at them

Girls-Keep Staring!!!!!!!!!! *clocks guns*

They automatically snap out of it

Roc-Well we dont want yall to get in trouble so *seductively smiles at Aiyanna* How bout we watch another movie


Diggy-O FUCK NO!!!!

All-well damn lol

Prod-ayeee how bout we play spin the bottle with the options of truth or dare or 7 minutes in heaven

All-I'm down

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