Diggy POV

I'm sitting here and my lil sisters friend is sitting inbetween my legs. to be honest Kalyn has a banging body like I would tap that all night if she would let me......Shes only a year younger den me but i dont want her to be caught up in my life.....SMH. My life isnt safe for her none of me and the boys lives are safe for them thats why im so hard on roc and prince wit my sisters. Roc should know being that he's the leader of our GANG! Yea  we're all in a gang, even though my sisters and her friends are bad asses i dont think they could handle us and what we do...........but i guess We'll see...............


I go and cut the lights on and I see Shanell sleep on Princetons lap and he's knocked out to Prodigy and Savannah are leaving sneaky bitches I noticed they were gon for like half of the movie they nasty asses lol I see LaKayla and Ray Ray making out and then Ray gives roc some dap....ROC MUTHER FUCKING ROYAL IS MAKIN OUT WIT MY SISTER OH HELL NAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was getting ready to step to them and say something but I guess Kalyn realized what was going on because she stopped me :/

Kalyn-Leave them alone


Kalyn-shhhh lets go in the living room with prod and vanna

I look back at them and it took everything in me to leave them in there.....Imma get his ass

IN THE LIVING room no ones pov

Prod-So what yall wanna do

Diggy-Beat Rocs ass

Prod and Vanna-What????\

Kalyn-Yanna and Roc are gettin it

Shanell&Prince come in

Shanell-*rubs eyes* and so are Ray and LaKayla

AllxNell,Prince,Dig-GET IT!!!!!


Diggy-So how my sisters lips taste roc?!?!


Roc-*;ick lips* good thanks

Diggy-*Jumps out hhis seat*

UH OHHHHH CLIFFFFFYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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