LaKayla-Whos going first

All-*look at her blankly*

LaKayla-iight den i guess I'll go......WELL IS SOMEBODY GONNA GO GET THE DAMN BOTTLE!?!?!

All-*look at her blankly*

LaKayla-Nawww one of yall niggas gonna go get it *everyone just sists there so she puts the gun to the side of Prodigys head* GO......GET.........The.....DAMN.............BOTTLE!!!!!!!!!

Prodigy goes and gets it den comes back and LaKayla spins and it lands on Princeton

LaKayla-Truth dare 7min or all


LaKayla-I dare you to chose the person you like and take them in  the closet

Princeton-Ahhhh damn do yall really gotta put me out there like that

Kalyn-Come on uhhhhhh PAPI CHULLO lol *everyone laughs*

Princeton-*reaches hand in pocket and all the boys stand up so princeton stops*iight imma get yall later *he goes over to Savannah and Shanell*

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