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* Nikhad POV *

"I me a he's like a second dad to me , he means a lot to me" Jughead explains while I listen to him rant about Pop.

It was his birthday after all and Jughead wanted to do something for him.

I smile sitting next to him grabbing his hand without really knowing. "How about this. How about we throw him a small party at Pop's. " I suggest knowing how much he meant to Jughead.

Jughead's eyes light up instantly getting up. "I hate parties but this is a perfect wat to show him how much he means to us. Its perfect Nikhad!"

I smile happy that Jughead agreed with my suggestion. "How are we going to get into pop's before he does though?"

"Leave that to me , you go get the others so we can plan this party" I ordered laughing when Jughead salutes me.

"This is going to be epic" Jughead cheers before leaving to get the others.

I take out my phone to call Betty.

"Hey Betty I need your help" I say into the phone once she answers.

"What's up" She questions , I explain the whole plan which sees and tells me to meet her up with the others at pop's at 5:30am so we can get the place ready.

"Hey Nikhad!"

I turn to face my best friend Betty with a giggle. "Hey Betty thank you so much for helping"

Betty scoffs hugging me. "You know Pops means a lot to all of us. "

She takes out the let to pops "How'd you get the keys?"

Betty smirks as the door opens. "They don't call me Nacy Drew for nothing"

I roll my eyes sarcastically responding. "Oh really I didn't know that"

Once inside Betty pulls me into the kitchen "So you and Jughead" She teases lightly.

"Betty" I scold her lightly hushing her. Betty was the only person who knew I had a big crush on Jughead.

Before she could respond the door to the entrance opens and Jughead enters along with Veronica , Kevin and Archie.

"Hey guys"  We all hug each other before sighing. "Let's get to work."

Everyone went in there own ways decorating the place or cooking breakfast.

I struggled placing a balloon on the top of the wall since it was high for me making me frustrated.

A warm body comes from behind me , a hand takes the balloon from my grip and places it on the wall.

"There you go shortie" Jughead's voice teases.

I turn around unaware of how close Jughead was to me. I gasp bumping into him as he quickly wraps his arm around me to stop me from falling.

I blush deeply as he chuckles. He slowly pulls away as we hear a cough . We turn to see Archie smirking at us before retuning to his work.

"Um thank you"

Jughead nods before walking into the kitchen.

I turn to see Betty winking at me making me groan. Man its going to be a long teasing morning.


"Guys get ready pops is here" We hear Kevin whisper yell as we all got to our positions.

Lots of people from Riverdale high , parents , and friends of pops got here just in time to join us.

We all hide behind something. I spot a place beside Jughead and I debated if I should go beside him.

Realizing that I didnt have time I quickly moved beside Jughead who smiled at me moving so I could crouch next to him.

Accidentally I place my hand on top of him which he takes as a hint of nervousness so he softly squeezes my hand making my stomach turn .

"Surprise ! Happy birthday!" Everyone yells as pops jumps before laughing.

"Thank you guys" One by one we all congrat him , leaving me and Jughead the last ones to talk to him.

"Jughead , Nikhad thank you guys so much! I know it was you two who planned this . I'm so thankful"

I smile hugging him. "I'm glad you liked it , I'm honored to be able to be here with you on your birthday."

We talked for a while before pops turns to jughead.
"Jughead may I talk to you?"

* Jughead POV *

Walking to a corner with pops I asked what's wrong. "Jughead stop wasting time and ask her out already"

"Pops I don't know if she li-"

"Jughead can't you see that she's clearly in love with you?" Pops cuts in .

I sigh "I just don't want to mess things up with us"

"Jughead the best gift you can give me today is you asking her out and being happy."


Nikhad POV

I watched pops and Jughead talking in the corner making me sigh. I wish Jughead loved me like i loved him.

I begin walking towards my group when I feel a hand wrap around my wrist turning me around.

" Nikhad I need to tell you something" Jughead breaths out.

He clears his throat as Pops cuts then music looking at us , everyone's attention was focused on us as I gulped.

"Nikhad , ever since middle school I noticed you becoming a beautiful lady. Eveytime you smiled or laugh it would make me smile. " He stops smiling as tears filled my eyes.

"You're the most kindest person I've ever met in my life , always putting others before you self."

"Nikhad I'm in love with you , which is why I'm asking you this. Will you be my girlfriend?"

I gasp before quickly nodding my head. "Yes yes!"

Everyone around us clap as I'm taken into a kiss . Everything slowly get back into place as we part.

"Everyone gets a treat from me ! Its on the house" Pops declares as everyone cheers. I smile in Jughead arms watching everyone happily getting their treat.

Jughead kisses my cheek holding me against his chest. I breath his scent in as I finally realize that Jughead was now my boyfriend. The boy I love , was mine.

I guess I did get the boy after all.

Hope you liked the imagine love ! I tired my best but lately i havent been inspired :/ wl

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