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(cole is so me ^)

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(cole is so me ^)

[ Requested ]

Ana POV •

"Please baby ,I really need you to goit would mean everything if you were there with me" Archie pleaded with a puppy face that no one could say no too.

"Fine babe , only because I love you" I pecked his lips as he smiles wrapping his arms around me.

He turned leaving the room smiling like a little kid that got his favorite Christmas present.

I shook my head smiling. He's going to be the dead of me. I opened my closest deciding what to wear.

Archie had begged me all day to go to one of his music events where he was performing.

I would usually say yes without a doubt but I had to study for an exam I had tomorrow but Archie was worth it.

I sighed looking through my closet. I grabbed a simple white with flowers dress that went to my mid knees.

I smiled as I felt arms pull me back against a warm chest.

"You look beautiful Ana"  Archie's smoothing voice whispered against my ear.

I bit my lip smiling looking at our hands together.

"Thank you baby"

His lips curl up into a smile as he took my hand as we headed out.


Claps filled the room as Archie bowed with his guitar his lips curled up.

I watched as he headed down stage to be stopped by his dad so I head over to the drinks to get a drink .

"What's a lovey lady like you doing here?"

I turned to see chuck looking at me with a smirk.

I raised my eyebrows looking down. "Not interested"

I heard him chuckle before sitting down beside me. "Didn't you hear me?"

He shook his head laughing "I like them feisty anyways"

I gave him a sarcastic smile rolling my eyes standing up from the bar. "Since you don't listen I'm leaving. "

Before I could walk off he grabbed my waist pulling me towards him. "I don't think so baby, I just want to have fun. As friends. "

I let out a laugh wanting nothing more than to punch him. "Mhmm sure"

I pulled away from him just as I smelled the way familiar cologne I  have gotten use too.

"Don't touch my girl Chuck"

He let me go as Archie wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me against his chest.

"She's mine"

Chuck laughed shaking his head lifting his hands. "She was the one who came to me mate. Take care of her she's a pretty one"

He winked at me before leaving , leaving me and Archie alone.


He said nothing but pull me out of the room until we were outside in the chilly wind.

"Archie stop" I pulled on his arm pulling him to me grabbing his chin

"Baby listen to me"

"Listen to what? He's a fucking fuckboy Ana , I dont want him or anyone near you".

A small smile creped to my face " You're jealous "

Archie sightly glared at me "Yes I am , I hate the idea that any boy can take you away"

"Hey hey" I rest my palms on his cheeks staring into his eyes. "I want you and only you. Even if there's other boys that want me , I love you Archie Andrews. "

Next thing I know his lips slam into mine claiming my mouth as our arms wrap around each other.

With my hands in his hair I tug lightly making him groan as I smirked.

He pulled away breathing heavily. "I love you Ana"

Playing with his hair I smile "And I love you Archie"

This was a request , hope you enjoyed !


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