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hi there !

you're most likely here because you love riverdale like me ❣ please fill out the following form for a request. i write smut so ask if you want smut if not i'll warn you when the imagine has smut. keep in mind that i don't do smuts for girl just because i don't do lesbians smut since i don't feel comfortable. sorrynotsorry

form :

name :

love interest:

plot :

smut included? :



i have a life out of wattpad (school , friends , activities, etc) so your imagine might be done the day of accepted or lastly a week since accepted.

delivery - 1-7 days unless i have an emergency or busy.

also please be respectful and patient.

other then that , request are open, have a great day :)

[ Go check out my Cole Sprouse Smut if you like smut and cole ! Thank you. ]

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