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"y/n" his voice filled the room as tears ran down my face

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"y/n" his voice filled the room as tears ran down my face.

i turned towards him , pain filled in my eyes.

"did you ever even love me?" i said with a sob at the end of my sentence.

"baby i do love you" jughead walked towards me with regret in his eyes making me step back.

i shook my head closing my eyes and turning away remembering what happened earlier that week.

- flashback -

i heard a high pitch noise as i passed a room making me roll my eyes. honry teens.

i was looking for my boyfriend jughead after he disappeared an hour ago leaving me alone at a friend's party.

'that boy is getting it once i find him' i thought looking around for him.

i wanted tonight to be magical, i wanted to lose my virginity to him today. he was the one for me , and i love him.

i heard a groan that sounded familiar. i stopped walking and lend against the door that was in front of me.

i wouldn't be listening to a couple having that were probably having sex if that groan didn't sounded familiar.

it sounded like my jughead.

i took a deep breath shaking my head. he would never cheat on me. sure there was times he wanted to have sex with me but respected me when i told him if we could wait.

i was about to walk off when i heard his voice making my heart sink . my air system stopped working as tears started forming in my eyes.

oh god no.

i opened the door with a force that the couple broke up from making out. the sight in front of me made me want to throw up and die.

my jughead , not mine anymore.

jughead was only wearing boxers while a blondey with blue girls who i recognize from cheryl's was only wearing panties and naked.

naked on top of jughead , who were grinding on each other.

the room was dark and without light but with the light from the hallway i could see them perfectly.

once jughead noticed it was me he looked at me confused and then looked at the blondey on top of him and pushed her off quickly getting up.


i shook my head and ran down the stairs as tears ran down my face with the screams of my name from jughead behind me.

- flashback over -

"you cheated on me. how could you?"

"no baby i can explain"  jughead said desperately

"explain what? that since i wouldn't let you fúck me you went to someone else to give you what you wanted !" i said as my head started hurting.

"no baby li-"

"enough " i screamed looking at him with pain. "im not your baby no more"

"no baby don't do this , listen to me"

"listen to what?!"

jughead shook his head making me snort. i was about to walk off when jughead pulled me towards him making me hit his chest. "no let me go"

"never" he replied looking at me. "please let me explain" his voice cracked making me look up at him. even if he broke my heart i still loved him.

i took a deep breath a nodded. "you have 2 minutes to explain"

jughead sighed in relief and nodded.

he unwrapped his arms from me letting me sit down. i was tried, physically and mentally.

"i was so drunk that night. i couldn't even see straightly. i went to use the restroom when i was pulled into a room. the person smelled like you , i know your perfume from anywhere and thought it was you" 

he took a deep breath and looked at me. "the when she kissed me i was so drunk i didn't notice that i didn't feel sparks when we kissed. then when she started taking my clothes off i stopped her. hell i even said your name, i asked if you were sure since it was your first time"

"but all she did was nod. i always though of taking you baby that i was drowned in lust that i didn't notice that it wasn't you. all i wanted at that moment was to connect myself with you. "

jughead let out a sniff making my heart clench .  i looked up at him to see him crying. "baby im so sorry. when i saw you standing there looking at me heartbrokenly i wanted to kill myself. i hurt you all because i was thinking about having sex with you. "

he shook his head. "i should've known that you wanted to wait . i should've known" he muttered.

i bit my lip stopping my tears and got up walking towards him. i lift his chin to make eye contact. "i was planning to give myself to you that night " i whispered softly.

he closed his eyes letting out a sob. "im so sorry baby please forgive me"

i just hugged him hard breathing in his scent as we cried out hearts out. our love out.

in that moment i knew he didn't really cheat on me and really did love me.

i mailed against his chest "i love you jughead jones"


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my love for this jelly bean is so much. i will always wish to meet my jelly bean , i wish i was that girl with my jelly Bean ❤
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