they exercices

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It was around 5:00 in the afternoon and i wanted to go see someone but i forgot who until i looked at the schedule and it said to meet up with leo

"300. 301. 302."

"What are you doing,"

"Working out."
"Oh okay."
"304. Is there something you need."
"nope . just keep doing what you're doing."
"305. You sure."


He kissed my on the forehead.

He kissed me on my right cheek

"What are you doing."
I tried to hide my blush with my hands not wanting him to see it.

"Just doing what im doing."
"You weren't kissing me before."
"Your right. Kissing you is a lot more fun."
He kissed me on my left cheek and smirked at me.

"Go back to exercising."
"I am but instead of exercising my abs i can exercise my mouth."
He moved closer to me.

"Or my tongue."
I flicked him on the forehead.

"In your dreams."
"Every night."
We both laughed and he gave me one last kiss before he went back to exercising.


I just arrived at the lair and i was trying to find raph when i heard grunts coming from the dojo. I peeped my head around the corner to see raph practicing some martial arts. I blushed and made sure to stay still. The way he was moving and look of concentration mixed with motivation and determination was making my mind race. He green eyes were a little brighter and the sweat slowly dripping down. He took a drink of water and dried himself of the sweat.

"You gonna keep staring."
"I wasn't staring."

He walked over and lowered down to my level. His hands blocked any way.

"You sure about that."
"Of course i am. Why would i stare at you working out."
"Cause i can see your facing turning red."
"No its not."
"Then can you leave so i can work out."
"Let me out then sure."
He dropped his arms and waited for me to leave. As i was leaving he took out his sais and practiced with them. I closed the dojo doors behind me and fell to the ground. I tried to cover my face with my jacket.

"I never thought a turtle would ever be that hot."
"Heard that!"
I covered my mouth as raph laughed in the background



I didn't say anything to him since i was so immersed in the book and i also had a test on this soon.

"Can you get off me please."
I ignored him and continued reading my book but then to my surprise he leaned to one side and made me fall.

"Should have listened. I did say please"
I sticked my tounge out at him. He laughed and picked me up only to place me on his lap.

"Well if your gonna read at least let me listen."

He laid down on his back and placed me on top.
"Would you like to continue reading out loud."
I blushed thinking about the position we were in.

"What's wrong do you wanna change positions."
I blushed hard and tried to cover my face with the book.

"What's wrong do you have a fever."

He moved the book down and smirked at me."
"You know exactly what your doing."

"Do i? Then please tell me."

"Shut up so i can read."

Donnie laughed and i tried my best to read the pages out loud but failed.


I was trying to watch tv when i heard really loud bangs coming from the dojo. I looked around the hall and saw the dojo doors open. I walked in and looked around and in front of me was a huge work out thing. He did a push up and swinged the bar up. He kept going up and down and i want able to look away. Its rare to see him so focused and working so hard plus his abs were not helping. He paused and looked down at me.

"Oh hey."
He jumped down and waved to me.

"What up girl."
"Nothing. I was just wondering what the loud noise was."
"Im sorry was it too loud."
"Nope. Just keep working out."
"If you say so ."
He leaned in and kissed me on the forehead. Causing me to jump a little.
"You sure you okay. You seem jumpy."
"Im fine."

I looked down to see his abs and i felt really hot.
"(y/n) your nose is bleeding."
"Im okay."
'Lord help me.'

I didn't know what to think as i just stood there kind of paralyzed.

He used his towel to try and clean the blood.

"Sorry if it smells. Its the nearest towel i could find. Why don't you lay down.
"Im good."
I took the towel and left.

"Just tell me next time you exercise."
I went back to watching tv but i couldn't focus. 10 minutes have passed and i heard a loud thump. It sounded as though mikey fell to the floor.


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