When you bump into each other

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You were dragged to a space hero's comic con but you were bored out of your minds since you never understood the joy of it.


"isn't this show old. Wouldn't the actor have died by now. It's probably just some guy that sounds like Captain Ryan."

She ran away leaving you alone and totally lost. You kept walking and bumped into someone causing you both to fall. You saw a three green finger coming out from the sleeve and were about to scream until he covered your mouth.

"don't scream. If you follow me then I'll explain everything."

You followed him to a corner and let him explain himself. Probably not the best idea but better than staying at the comic con right?

"look I'm a mutant turtle and I'm only here to enjoy the comic con so please don't scream. I'm not gonna a hurt anyone here."


You thought about it for a second before giving your answer to him.

"help me escape without any of my friends noticing and I'll make sure not to tell anyone your secret."

He looked up and you could finally see his face. He smirked a little at you and his deep blue eyes Were not helping with the heart that was threatening to jump out your chest.

"easy just close your eyes."

You did as you were told and you could feel him lift you up and carry you somewhere.

"You can open your eyes now."

You open your eyes and could see that you were on top of the rooftop of a building near the comic con.


"your welcome."

"so will you take off your disguise."

He took off his trench coat and Hat revealing his true self. He had on a long blue mask and was twice times you in height and even muscle.

"wow you look awesome."

"really wouldn't think a girl like you would say that."

You got your phone out then You took a sharpie from your pocket and started writing your number on his arm.

"names (y/n)"

"Leonardo or Leo for short."

"well call me so we can hang out. You're definitely a friend I wanna keep around."

"what's that suppose to mean?!"

"if I told you then I will have to kiss you."

"isn't it I will have to kill you."

"not for you."

With that said you ran down the fire escape and started walking home with the biggest smile ever. Like EVER! You got lost and had to take out your phone for a bit.

"stupid (f/n)


You were beating purple dragons to a pulp because the Lord just wanted to give you a big freaking middle finger. Some one jumped down from where ever and you thought it was another purple dragon so you swung your leg at them but it was stopped.

"watch it. I'm trying to help you darling."

You twisted your leg free from him and backed up a little.

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