Blazing Love

Part 5

As I entered my bedroom, I found Louis sitting cross legged on my bed whilst concentrating on the photo that sat on my bedside table. He glanced up at me as I stepped inside and closed the door. I've already mentally slapped myself a hundred and one times for earlier.

" Is that your parents?" He questioned, nodding towards the photograph. I nodded before planting myself on the space beside him.

" You look like your mum," He sighed, looking at me. I smiled weakly. Every time somebody mentions my parents I feel as if my heart is being stabbed.

" You have your dad's nose but," He smiled, poking my tip of my nose. A giggle escaped my mouth as I squirmed on the spot.

" Your nose is like a cute little button," He commented with a cheeky grin playing across his face.

" It is not!" I protested, swatting his hand away.

" Hey, that's not a bad thing," He laughed. I shook my head and laughed at his comment.

" You can go for a shower if you want... So you don't look like Barney," I giggled, pointing to the purple handprint on his face.

" Hmm... I don't know, I kinda like this new look," He smiled whilst firing me a cheeky wink.

" Naah, reds more your colour," I told him with a smirk.

" So now i'm a tellytubby?" He questioned, raising his eyebrows.

" Yup," I replied, popping the p.

" Whatever you say Tee," He grinned, slipping off the bed and heading towards the door. " Be back in a while." And with that he disappeared from my room and the door clicked shut after him. A small sigh escaped my lips. A happy sigh this time.


I dragged my hairbrush through my soaking wet hair whilst attacking it with my hairdryer. The warm blowing air blew several strands of hair into my face, tickling the tips of my nose. Why can't your hair just automatically dry as soon as you step outside the shower? It would make life a whole lot easier. Irritated, I brushed the strands of hair away from my face but as I did, a sharp finger like object poked my side causing both my arms to fly out, my hairdryer banging off something or somebody. A loud yelp became audible over the roaring noise of the hairdryer causing me to turn it off.

Confused, swivelled around to find Louis standing with his hand attached to his head, nursing the bump. He let out a small moan.

" I am so sorry Louis!" I gasped whilst dropping the hairdryer. Quickly, I rushed over to his side and took him by the shoulders, making sure he was fine. " I didn't mean to," I mumbled.

Louis' frown soon turned up side down and a cheeky smile wiped across his face.

" It's just a bump," He chuckled.

" God, you made it sound as if your head was falling off, " I giggled, flattening his soak dripping wet hair down.

" It's still sore though," He pouted, fishing for sympathy.

" Oh poor Louis," I laughed, rolling my eyes.

" Your eyes will fall out if you continue to do that," He smirked.

" Then let my eyes fall out," I smiled sarcastically, allowing my hands to drop by my side.

" Then you won't be able to see," He pointed out as if I was dumb.

" No shit sherlock," I replied, sarcastically yet again.

" Then you won't be able to see my handsome face," He grinned, winking.

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