Once I had unpacked everything, I collapsed onto my bed and just lay there for a while. Could this really be a new beginning for me? I mean, Maura and Niall seem nice enough and this is the first home i've been to that i've actually had a person around my age. The rest have always been people with 4 or 5 year old kids. 

I tilted my head to the side so I was facing the photo of my Mum and Dad. My eyes studied their big cheesey smiles and the way they had their arms wrapped around each other with me squashed in the middle with a toothless smile. My vision blurred slighty as water began glazing over my eyes. Although, I had a small smile fixed on my lips. Nobody has no idea how much I miss my parents. Nobody understands the pain i've been through for these past 1O years. It's difficult growing up without parents. It's hard being moved care home to care home every so often. That's why I tend to shut people out of my life and keep myself to myself. Because they don't understand how hard it is to keep my head held high after what's happened. I have no one to turn to nowadays. 

There was a light knock on the door which caused me to quickly wipe away my tears and sit up straight. 

" Come in," I called whilst fiddling with my duvet covers. 

The door squeaked open and Niall appeared with his twinkling blue eyes. 

" Settled in alright?" He questioned, taking a look around my room. 

" Yeah, thanks," I replied with a smile. 

" Good. So me and the boys were wondering if you wanted to come out for a while with us so we can show you around and stuff," He offered.

I bobbed my head in response. " That would be great."

" Great, we're leaving in about 10 minutes. I'll go and tell Mum," He grinned adorably before disappearing back into the hallway. 

Get your act together Taylor. See, your one step closer to making new friends. Just play it cool. After my little prep talk, I dragged myself off my bed and over to my wardrobe so I could quickly choose an outfit. Since it's warm I finally settled on a pair of high waisted shorts and a flora tank top. Those shall do for now. 


As soon as I stepped out my room and into the hallway, I noticed Louis emerge from the games room the boys were in earlier. He stopped and sent me a small smile then waited for me to catch-up. 

" Warning, these boys are always hyper. I would advise you to prepare," He smirked as I approached him. A giggle escaped my mouth. 

" And i'm guessing you're also a hyper one?" I questioned whilst sliding my sunglasses ontop of my head. 

" Hmm, maybe I am," He replied with a wink. 

" Louis, your the most hyper out of all of us. You're worse than the four of us put together mate," Liam commented as he stepped outside the games room. Louis rolled his eyes. 

" True," He sighed but managed to laugh. 

I followed the two boys down the stairs to where the rest of them were waiting for us. Maura also stood at the doorway of the kitchen with a warm smiled spread across her face. 

" Glad to see you're fitting in already Taylor," She beamed.

" Well the boys have offered to show me around and it's a nice night so why not," I replied. 

" Hopefully they'll take care of you," She sighed, glaring at the five boys before winking in my direction. 

" Mum, please. We won't neglect Taylor, will we lads?" Niall groaned, looking around at the other boys for back up. 

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