Barney the Dinosaur.

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My eyes fluttered open sleepily the next morning due to the sweet sound of somebody singing. The voice was beautiful. It was so clear and  well just completely amazing. Then I realised... It was Niall in the shower. My lips half smiled as I dragged the duvet from my body, exposing it to the slightly warm air which was rather surprising. I sat for a moment and listened to Niall belt out The Script's Breakeven which he was incredible at. His voice hit all the right notes. I have to say, i'm amazed. 

Normally I'd be majorly grumpy if somebody woke me up this early on a Saturday morning but I wasn't for some weird reason.  Sleep is normally my favourite thing to do. Music and my dreams are the only things that help me escape the real world when it's utterly annoying. 

Whilst stifling a yawn, I hopped off my bed and stood in the middle of my room, stretching unattractively. I then grabbed a towel from the neat pile on the glass table that Maura had kindly arranged then left my room. Just as I stepped into the hallway, the bathroom door flew open and Niall emerged with only a towel draping around his waist. 

" Woah, not the best first thing to see on a Saturday morning," I moaned, slapping my free hand over my face. Niall chuckled adorably. 

" Did I wake you?" He questioned whilst running his hand through his dripping wet blonde hair.

" Sadly yes but with your wonderful singing... You're really good," I praised, rubbing at my tired eyes. 

" Sorry," He grinned sheepishly. 

" It's fine. Do you usually get up at this time?" I asked, surprised that a teenage boy would get up at 8:30am on a Saturday. He shook his head then grew a tad flustered. 

" Er no... Im.. err,  spending the day with my girlfriend," He stammered as his cheeks burned a light shade of pink. Bless the little blondie. 

" Cute," I smiled. He blushed a darker shade of pink causing me to laugh. 

" Ok, i'm gonna go for a shower now and stop making you blush." 

" I wasn't blushing," He lied, attempting to cover up his embarrassment but failing badly.

" Sure," I teased, stepping into the bathroom and closing the door. 


" Sleep well love?" Maura questioned whilst I shovelled a nutella coated pancake into my mouth. I nodded vigorously before swallowing the contents. 

" Very well, thanks," I grinned before taking a sip of my orange juice. She continued to potter around in the kitchen until Niall burst through the door with a large grin spread across his face. He also brought a lovely scent with him which smelled absolutely divine. He waltzed around the kitchen and planted a kiss on his mothers cheek then another one on mine before pouring himself a glass of fresh orange juice. This girl must have a big impact on him. 

" What's gotten into you?" Maura questioned, clearly surprised that Niall was up, washed, dressed and in a joyful mood. 

" Im a happy lad mam," He sang, wiggling his eyebrows. Maura raised her eyebrows as an amused expression wiped across her face.

" Niall has a date," I told her, winking in his direction causing him to blush again.

" What? Oh so thats why you smell like a bloody perfume shop," She chuckled, pinching his cheeks. Niall squirmed out of her grasp, embarrassed. 

" Im going before you say anymore," He stated, heading for the door. 

" Don't you want some breakfast?" She called after him.

" Im not hungry," He yelled back before the front door slammed shut. Maura's eyebrows shot up in surprise. 

" My god. I think that's the first time he's turned down food," She gasped causing me to giggle. Yup, he's definitely smitten. 

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