My vision blurred with salty tears as I watched the flames roar and hiss, destroying every inch of my family home. Neighbours fussed around me with mobile phones glued to their ears, desperately trying to contact emergency services. Some of those neighbours were gathered around me, attempting to comfort me but I didn't pay any attention to them. I just sat numb on the ground, shaking violently as my heart ached with pain watching my home burn to the ground. Piercing screams were also audible but that only tore my heart apart even more. 

" Where's my mummy? Where's daddy? Why aren't they here?" I wailed before letting out a chesty cough. 

The neighbours just stood and stared pityingly at me whilst shaking their heads, avoiding eye contact. None of them had the heart to tell me what had happened to them.

" I want my mummy!" I screeched, struggling to lift my body off the ground. As soon as I stood on my own two feet, I made a beeline for my house but I was immediately scooped up into a jolly man's arms. What the hell was he doing? I screamed and squirmed, wriggled and kicked but he refused to set me down onto the ground. My small, pointy fingers clawed at his bald head but not even that made him bat an eyelid. 

" Put me down! I want my mummy," I bawled before erupting into tears again.

His strong arms held onto me securely as he began leading me further away from my burning house. I was soon sitting in the back of an ambulance with strange men and women fussing over me with worried expressions. Where was my mum and dad?

" It's ok darling, calm down. Everything will be alright. Now what's your name pet?" The friendly woman questioned whilst wrapping a towel around my shoulders.

" T-Taylor," I stammered before letting out yet another cough.

" Hello Taylor! Im Sue and i'm going to help you, alright?" She asked with raised eyebrows. I nodded timidly, feeling strangely safe with her presence. " Now, if you just pop this over your mouth and hold it there whilst taking big deep breaths," She instructed, producing a rubbery mask type thing from her green bag. "It will help you breathe properly," She added.

I nodded again and took the mask from her grasp then held it tightly over my mouth and nose, taking big deep breaths as instructed.

" Good girl," She soothed whislt throwing her arm around my shoulder, rubbing my arm comfortingly.

The rest of the night was a blur as I soon fell asleep in her arms, snuffling and whimpering into her chest.

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