Chapter 1 "20,000 Leagues Under the Dome"

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Mitchel found himself waking upon an operating table with an oxygen tube placed in his nose. He did not know where he was or how long he was asleep. He tried to move his arms and legs but they were in responsive as a team of doctors work around him. He was unsure what they were doing but all he could feel was pain running rampant through out his body.

"Wha, What's going on!" He called out. Mitchel could not see the faces of those operating on him due to the light in his eyes and the surgical masks of the doctors. The surgeons were quick notice their patient's consciousness and were unamused.

"He's comming to," spoke one of the masked Operators.

"Increase the sedative, we don't want him waking fully just yet, " said another.

"Yes Doctor..." The first surgeon said as they inject transparent fluid into Mitchel's arm. In mere moments sleep over took him and Mitchel again was rendered unconscious.

"Begin injecting the enhancement formula," the lead operator said as another surgeon injected a syringe of yellowish brown liquid into Mitchel.
Mitchel again found himself waking up in an strange place. He was lying on a bed in a short sleeved blueish-gray gown with knots of tied fabric going down his back. The mattress was firm and comfortable with metal railings on both sides and an IV was placed into his arm.

"Where...Where am I?" Mitchel questioned.

A nurse entered the room, she was wearing and olive green tank top and cargo pants with black combat boots. The only way Mitchel was able to identify her as medical personnel was by the sky blue lab coat with a Red Cross on the left side and a clip board in her hand.

"Ah, Mr. West glad to see you awake, how do you feel?" She asked nicely as she stood at the foot of the bed.

Mitchel wanted so badly to spring from his bed and escape this room, but his body was still a bit sluggish from the surgery. He knew something wasn't right about him but he couldn't name it.

"Where Am I? Tell me!" Mitchel demanded.

"Now where are your manners? Is that anyway to speak to an adult?" The nurse asked.

"I have said worse," Mitchel replied.

"Well if you must know Mr. West you are in a secret government facility several meters under the sea," The nurse responded as she began to check Mitchel's IV.

"Why am I here? What did those doctors do to me?" Mitchel questioned as the nurse shoved a thermometer in his mouth as to check his temperature.

"We've brought here for safety reasons, you have the potential to be dangerous," The nurse said removing the thermometer and looking at the numbers. For an instant her eyes flashed a look of shock, but she was quick to regain her gentle composure.

"Dangerous? Dangerous how?" Mitchel asked.

"We're unsure at the moment, but sure enough once you get on your feet we'll see the level of danger you hold," The nurse said as she turned to leave the room.

"You seem to have a pretty good knowledge of what's going on here," Mitchel stated.

"I've had some practice, you're not the first experiment to ask questions. Most try to get answers physically but are surprised when I get the upper hand," The nurse said.

"Really now, is that so?" Mitchel asked.

"Indeed, I've had some combat training so I'm stronger than I look," The nurse said as she grabbed as she took out needle and injected Mitchel.

"What was that for?" The teen asked.

"Just another sedative, it's best to sleep while the enhancement formula begins to work it's way through out your body," The nurse said.

"Enhancement...Form..ula?" Mitchel passed out.

While Mitchel slept a male figure entered the room. He stood roughly seven feet tall with Caucasian skin, gray hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in a green and brown button up camouflage shirt worn open and camouflage pants with light brown boots and a skin tight olive green T-shirt. His upper body was bulging with muscles and a pistol was strapped to his side.

"So, this one has potential?" He said to the nurse.

"Yes sir, he does indeed," The nurse replied.

"Tomorrow we field test him, I'm interested to see what his enhancement is. Remind me to increase security, I don't want THEM to pull anything," The man said.

"Yes sir, I'll be sure to remind you to increase the number of dome patrol androids, would you like to have the titans also on stand by?" The nurse asked.

"Yes, I want them to be there monitoring. If the pack makes a move we'll be sure to stop them," The man said as the two exited the room.

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