Chapter 2 "Call of the Wild"

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Mitchel found himself waking up staring at a dark sky, the dirt ground was littered with pine needle, leaves, twigs, and bits of bark. Everywhere Mitchel looked all he saw were trees. His attire has changed too, no longer was he dressed in a hospital gown, but now he was wearing a gray prison jumpsuit and black boots, with X-156837 stitched across the right breast.

"Where am I now?" He asked as he analyzed his surroundings. Mitchel found himself standing in a forest of sorts, there was no moon nor stars but giant stadium lights which surrounded the perimeter and illuminated the darkness. There was a loud squeal as a voice boomed from a PA system.

"Hello Mr. West, My name is General Russel Morgan of the International Special Forces Secret Task Force. I'm sure you have many questions as to where you are or why you are here and I promise everything will be answered in due time, for now I have but one question to ask you," General said. "Have you ever heard the term Alpha Human before?"

Mitchel was indeed confused, but if this General guy was offering answers then he was willing to cooperate.

"Maybe once or twice, but what does that have to do with me?" Mitchel questioned.

"Well Mr. West this may come as a shock, but you are one of these Alpha Humans," the General said.

The teen paused as a look of complete and utter shock quickly creeped on Mitchel's face, there was no way he could be one. The Alpha Humans look like regular people but they can do...things. The things these people can do will really blow your mind. Mitchel has heard rumors of people who can supposedly manipulate matter, control the elements, and defy several scientific laws all on a whim. There's even been reports of riots popping up all over the country both in favor of and against the existence of these Alpha Humans. For years the government has been trying to down play their existence, dismissing their presence as nothing more than rumors and flukes. The fact that Mitchel might actually be one is the thing that really terrifies him.

"How can that be? How do you know?" Mitchel questioned.

"I can assure you that all will be explained soon but for the time being just know that you are in a controlled environment. The purpose of which is to see how your body is responding to the enhancement formula we gave you when you first arrived. I promise that no harm will come to you during this test,"The General said. "Are you ready to begin?" He questioned.

Mitchel didn't what to expect but he decided to take this bull by the horns.

There was a loud buzz followed by what sounded like a mechanical door opening up. The next sound Mitchel heard was the whirling of propeller blades followed by a continuous high pitched hum. The sounds seem to draw closer to Mitchel's position, moving through the forest at alarming speeds until finally it stopped. The source of the humming and the whirling blades hovered right above Mitchel in the form of three military grade drones. They each had armored central portions which undoubtedly housed the "brain" of the object. Extending from the brain were four whirling propellers which helped to keep the drones a float as well as move them forward. From the bottom of the brain there was a mini turret with a camera in between the two barrels.

"Scaning Area..." the robotic voice of the drones said as their camera emitted a transparent blue light. The lights surveyed the area washing over the trees and bushes and when they shined on Mitchel almost instantly they changed from transparent blue to crimson red.

"Threat detected, combat protocol initiated," the machines spoke.

"Combat Protocol? what the--"

Before Mitchel could even register what happened the drones opened fire, instinctively the boy rolled to one side as the bark of tree behind him exploded with woodchips showering down on him.

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